A rustling in the bushes . . .

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A rustling in the bushes . . .

Post by Torvallis! on Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:51 pm

Torvallis! sits patiently in the bushes, waiting for the next vic- . . . people to come along. It's well past dark, must be midnight by now, when a light can be seen along the path.

Torvallis! bursts out of the bushes, yelling: "TORVALLIS!!". The couple walking along the road stare blankly, confused.

"Have you heard the word of the lord?", Torvallis! says, holding up a jute-bound sheaf of papers, extra crispy & burnt around the edges.
One of the travellers smiles: "well, yes actually, I'm a travelling pr-"

"BURN! BURN! BUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRNNNN! Occasionally, the Great Lord Fire says other things, but BURN is most important word! He promises all of us that we, too, can burn in his divine realm of holy fire for all eternity instead of the dull, dreary, and so I'm told," a look of disgust passes Torvallis!'s face, "WET land beyond". Torvallis moved forward to press their holy book into the traveller's hands.

Hey, where were they? What happened to their lantern?

"Renounce all other lords! You, too, can be salvaged from this wreck of a world!", Torvallis! shouted into the empty darkness.

Soon, it began to rain, and a wet and frightened Torvallis! with twigs caught in hair appeared in the Watering Hole. They began drying off by the fire and shooting suspicious looks in the supposed direction of the water mages bunks.

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