Torvallis! is praying at the fire circle to Lord Fire

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Torvallis! is praying at the fire circle to Lord Fire

Post by Torvallis! on Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:16 pm

[April 4th, noon]

After carefully checking around to make sure that there's no offensive snow left on the ground, ((OOC: ain't noen by my house!)), Torvallis! begins walking around the fire circle counterclockwise and chanting:
"And he burns, burns burns! The Lord of Fire! The Lord of Fire."

It's not the ritual used for making the fire circle, but it does use what Torvallis! learned from that, that Lord Fire likes.

Clutching the necklace they received on becoming fire champion, Torvallis! kneels down in front of the circle and prays:

"Lord Fire, I know that I have not managed to convince any of these lordless heathens to learn the wonder of fire recently, but I would like to be ready to teach them should any wish to learn.

If you would kindly send someone to teach me the highest levels of fire magica human can learn, I am ready to learn and practice. And I also wish to become more aware of magic in general: I have experienced the boosting of my magical prowess through a kind Elven fire mage friend of mine, and I think that would be a valuable tool for showing other weaker fire mages that the study & practice is worth pursuing to higher levels of power"


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