Formation of a Town Square just outside the Watering Hole

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Formation of a Town Square just outside the Watering Hole

Post by ValerieTheHuntress on Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:58 am

Valerie The Huntress, realizing that Holdfast lacks a proper Town Square as she now remembers seeing in other Towns she had travelled to, especially to the North where a Town Square is located just outside the Gates of the Orc Stronghold (or so legend goes) was decides to put up a ad.

"WANTED: builders, dwarves, magic users, humans, and all other species etc. to build a Town Square just outside the Watering Hole.

Designed to:

1) serve as a outlook post to spot new visitors, invaders,etc. from a safe distance

2) as a area of trade and commerce

3) as a place to speak about matters affecting the town when people would rather keep town business, resting and eating separate.

For details, inquire with the Huntress.

Valerie The Huntress -Human -Warrior -Merchant -Survivalist"

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