Two quick questions

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Two quick questions

Post by Zar on Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:32 pm

I'm unable to find the answers in the rule book.
1) I have Life Skill: Barter 1, in order to get Income 2: rocks, do i need to increase my life skill to 2 first?

2) People taught me last game and signed my sheet with the exception of one thing i (briefly) learned on the forum, Naturally, Sharon needs to see that they're signed to indicate i was actually taught but odds are i won't see her in person before next game. how can i show this to the AD? especially if i don't get the chance until i submit my sheet again for next game?

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Re: Two quick questions

Post by Timmean on Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:50 pm

1) I know that for mana, your maximum income is 2x your tiers of power (or 3x under certain conditions). I'm not aware of anything in the rules that limits other incomes, but my guess would be a similar case of 2x the life skill level. To be safe, I'd wait for an official ruling.

2) I've never had a chance to show the AD my signed sheet, and adding my new skills has never been a problem. Again, the official answer needs to come from the AD, but I'd say update your skills and keep your signed character sheet for a record, just in case there are questions.

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