Preparing for the feast of fire

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Preparing for the feast of fire

Post by Torvallis! on Sat Nov 26, 2016 7:45 am

[Nov 26th, 11:10am]

Having baked the day's firebread, with fresh fire fruit from the plane of fire, Torvallis! goes searching for Gaya.

"So you see, Bartholomew, since I can actually go the plane of fire now, it only makes sense I perform my praising of the Lord Fire there, but that leaves no one to lead the ceremonies for those who can't!

So my apprentice will lead the praise of Lord Fire!

No Cyanide, we can't burn them. They aren't an elf and they have not been blessed by Lord Fire, so they cannot dance in the wondrous flames of his heat and passion.

No! No burning the apprentices! They have to be ready to receive his glory first!

No! Okay, we're done talking. It's not because I'm angry at you, it's because the idea is really tempting and I have to resist temptation"


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