In the tavern, where a stew is brewing

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In the tavern, where a stew is brewing

Post by Torvallis! on Wed Nov 26, 2014 8:26 am

Torvallis! came in, mumbling to a furry packet of beans held up to their face.

"Phineas! Phineas, can I ask . . . oh, that stew smells delightful, rat or rabbit? . . . can I ask of you a favour?

When next the messenger comes this way, if I'm not around because I'm busy prepping for a humongous fire of great glory, It Shall Be Great And Glorious!, what was I talking about?", the distractable fire mage held the furry packet up to their ear.

"Ah yes, yes, thank you Bartholomew, when next the messenger comes this way, can you ask her to send a message for me to a fire mage capable of teaching even the magnificent myself, if they would come to tutor me a little? The payment of course, would be in fire mana. Hm?" T! held the packet up to their ear, "Oh course Bartholomew, any fire mage would be glad to have fire mana, and would treat it all very well. Mana abusers don't manage to gather enough mana to become good at magic anyways!"


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