A small envelope labelled 'Timmean' is posted to the notice board

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A small envelope labelled 'Timmean' is posted to the notice board

Post by Torvallis! on Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:36 pm

Unsealed, the envelope was not particularly private, and was probably covered by other notices and posters before Timmean returned from the mists. A letter inside reads as follows:

"Dear Timmean or nosy busybodye,

Afore I leave to go spread the worde of Lorde Fire, greatest of All Elemental Lordes and other Gods, I just wanted to leave worde of an opportunity:

Lessa, the jerk elf, had previously noted to me that she may be capable of producing a scroll of resurrection, and we had an agreement to come to trading terms concerning such.
Doubtlessly I have burned that bridge well, and not just with fire magick.

I thought you may like to know about that.


PS: Vs rirelguvat tbrf jvqqrefuvaf jvgu Snrel naq jr arrq gb onaq ntnvafg gur ryrirf, lbh xabj ubj gb ernpu zr"


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Re: A small envelope labelled 'Timmean' is posted to the notice board

Post by Herr Finsternis on Thu May 04, 2017 4:01 pm

Herr reads the note and smirks.
"Good to know"
He begins to walk away and stops, debating to himself in his mind:

Take it.
-I don't need it.
You could have the knowledge for yourself.
-My relations with Lessa are crap, i can't use it.
Use it as leverage
-...Towards Timmean.
Yes! You've delivered a note! He'll be appreciative, he'll like you more.
Do it!

Herr's eyes widen, ending his thoughts and acting; he closes the envelope with letter inside and takes it, going to find Timmean.

OOG: whenever i encounter Timmean on forum, i'll direct him to this to read the note
Herr Finsternis

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