First Game Prelog!!!!

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First Game Prelog!!!!

Post by AD on Sat May 13, 2017 1:50 pm

Morning all!

Game is almost upon us! And you know what THAT means!

SOULS! Please send me your character sheets, aka souls, before this Thursday, May 18. Now as older players know, there is the Prelog CRP bonus if you send them to me by Wednesday, May 17. However, I am adding a new thing, that will only be added as it is announced. So if you don't hear me announce for next game, it doesn't apply to that game. And that is PRE-pre-log! That's right! Get me your soul by Monday, May 15, and you will get 2 CRP's! I'm trying a new thing this game/year, we'll see how it goes! Send your character sheets to

Hope to devour your sou...hear from all y'all soon!



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