Player/Cast/Fighting Spirit Award, because TIMING!

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Player/Cast/Fighting Spirit Award, because TIMING!

Post by AD on Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:14 pm

Morning all!

So JULY's Player/Cast HA-AND Fighting Spirit Award are to be announced!

PLAYA! IIIIIIIISSSSSSSSssssss....COLIN! For all of the terrible, awesome, halfling shenanigians he helped to create!
CAST! Like we even need to say, Hilary! For her delightful, terrifying Mermaid and Bar Maid Hilda.
Fighting Spirit Award! We have a tie! Mitchell! For his amazing work on the spider. And....Pepper! For taking the time, while falling to his envitiable ankle demise, to continue fighting the vampires. Well done to both Good Sirs!

Thank you alls! YOu shall receive your CRPs in the mail!


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