Up in Torvallis!'s meditation grove

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Up in Torvallis!'s meditation grove

Post by Torvallis! on Tue May 22, 2018 1:05 pm

[May 22nd, 4:30pm]

Torvallis! goes up to their secret grove in the woods, and digs a hole. They take out their alchemy book, write down nine names, (First names: Pickled, Coconut, Stir-Fried Butter, Dry-Roasted Sweet & Savory, Grilled Cinnamon & Thyme, Fried, Cooked Sweet & Fresh, Cocoa and White Chocolate, Last names all 'Rat', and also 'Anonymous Friendly Rat'), rip out the page, bury it in the hole, and then leaving to go to the fire circle to pray silently.


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