Coming back into town

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Coming back into town

Post by Malva on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:49 am

[Timestamp: Just after game ended]

Malva had left town Saturday afternoon, unsure of how long she'd be gone. Judging by the sound of 8 or so natural disasters going off at once, she figured the rift event must have happened. After waiting through a night and morning of silence, it was time to go back and check the damage. She is quite aware that all of her friends could be dead, but she was also pretty sure the universe hadn't ended, so it can't have gone too badly.

As she gets close to town, she remains cautious, although everything so far seems unnervingly fine. Having left with no mana, and not paying much attention to the status of her magical items, nothing seems wrong so far.

Then she enters Holdfast from the main wooded trail...

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