Volunteers Needed! (A Messily Written Notice)

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Volunteers Needed! (A Messily Written Notice)

Post by Horns on Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:49 pm

Horns, yawning, pinned a piece of parchment to the notice board. As soon as he had set foot back on the Watering Hole property, after Horns' incredibly long trek, Borin had hauled him aside and gotten him to write, despite the weary faun's protests. Figuring he would be finished sooner if he just did it, he wrote the following:

"In light of recent robberies and in the absence of the centurion, Borin Ironhammer, interim commander of Holdfast military units hereby orders the instatement of a perpetual watch to be kept day and night so no intruders enter the town without our knowledge. All volunteers are to speak with Borin Ironhammer. You need not be a fighter to volunteer.
Borin Ironhammer"


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