In the Watering Hole while Torvallis! is cooking supper

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In the Watering Hole while Torvallis! is cooking supper

Post by Torvallis! on Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:52 pm

[Monday, August 3rd, 4pm]

Torvallis! is busy cooking up a stew and some rat-chops, and tossing together a mixture of fresh herbs that Timmean had finished growing: Wintergreen, calendula, and some clematis found out in the woods.

"Oh, nonono", T! said looking at the floor.
"Nononono, if I let you in here, they'll accuse me of being 'unhygienic', and 'non-sanitary', and 'messy', and quite a variety of unpleasant names. Right, Bartholomew? Right, see, he agrees with me!"

The rat licked Torvallis!
"Okay, yes, you are a cutie-pie, but I'll play with you later, okay?", they pleaded with the rat.
The rat cuddled up on Torvallis!'s robe, which was dragging slightly on the floor. It began chirping and bruxing. Torvallis! couldn't move: They'd disturb the happy rat!

"Um, Phineas?", they called out across the Inn, "You said you could teach me some animal training or taming, right? Like, get them to come to you, or to go away, and the like?", Torvallis! said, while carefully moving as not to disturb the rat.

((OOC: I *wish* I had access to herbs like these. Respectively, they're a mint-like herb, a saffron-like flower, and clematis is also known as pepper vine. But calling them by the names of other herbs and spices doesn't do them justice))


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