Epoch on the Rock
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A noise...

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A noise... Empty A noise...

Post by AD on Thu Jul 14, 2016 7:57 pm

((Timestamp, 11:13pm, July 14/2016))

Off in the quiet greens of the woods under the star filled sky, dark, anger filled clouds appear. Soon rain starts to fall. What starts as quiet rain becomes harder and faster until it is no longer simply rain but rather a downpour. Lightening streaks the sky and loud thunder claps quickly follow. The great booms of thunder are heard getting closer and closer. The torrents of water falling from the sky make their way to Holdfast and pound against the roof of the Inn and Bunkhouse. The storm is here to stay and it feels as though lightening is crashing through the torrents of water. The flashes of lightening briefly illuminate the angry forest and soaking field as they do their best to combat the wind and rain.


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