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May 2018 - Ordinary Day

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Ardin Gallagher on Mon May 21, 2018 3:25 pm

Woo, what a start to the season! You know the drill, let's hear your memories; the good, the bad, and the Jenny.
Ardin Gallagher
Ardin Gallagher

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Grayfeared the Whitehawk on Mon May 21, 2018 5:09 pm

First day -Clean up
-Arrive at site first
-Get heckin’ good texture pictures for game designy stuff
-Tony and leg day
Second day -Auction
-Pepper buying sooo much stuff.
-300$ for a fan?! 500$ for a book?!
Second day- game start
-An (Toootally OG unexpected wink wink) unexpected visitor showed up for Grayfeared.
-Oh look I have sword wounds now.
-Much yelling, passionate Grayfeared, “YOU KNOW NOTHING!”
-Hugo asking Grayfeared to come with him
-*Telling my story* Hugo: Focus Power *Gulps* Hugo: Continue.
-^^^ God damn Mitchell, you know how to be intimidating.
-Getting told not to go in the inn.
-Holy what? That citadel though. Good job knights.
-Secret things
-Hunger but can’t go in the inn.
-Cup of rice and a delicious, delicious meat pie.
Third day
-Seeing Tara from afar, knowing I couldn’t get close (Alas, heartbreak)
-Town meeting (Tara, stop hissing at me)
-Trial went perfect, emotions, magic, wow, looking at Sharon’s forehead pretending she wasn’t there and I was looking into Tara’s eyes when saying, “Yes, I still love you.”
-Tara still avoiding
-Fighting seagulls, Krond is a bitbeast in a Beyblade that killed a seagull. (Alternative phrasing: Zelda Spin attack)
-Getting beaten to unconsciousness, yay Tara cares again!
-Tara and Grayfeared having a small emotional reconnection.
-Still not lovers again (OoG still can’t kiss girlfriend)
-Sword stolen (Nooooooo T_T Le cry. Bikbun halp!)
-One heck of a storm.
-Captain Jack Seagull!
-Sing a shanty, sing another – voice goes- oh shit.
-Cast hands obvious huge plot device to me, force myself to get my voice back.
-Oh god… This is totally about Jenny… It’s about how to beat Jenny…
-I think it’s a heart… people seem reluctant to agree… MFW IT’S A FREAKING HEART! CALLED IT!
-Search for hear… Imperial in town? Oh shit. Secretly wanted. Please do not interact. Imperial boot kisser begins talking to him, OH SHIT!
Final day
-Learn things in the morning
-Still no sword
-Help Tara and Verbina (Who I legit thought was pronounced Rybeana because she didn’t introduce herself, and I only knew through second hand hearings of her name.) gather.
-Secret things I did (That pissed Tara off)
-Pirate kids
-Take their weapons
-Asher arguing that kids should INDEED be given sharp pointy weapons.
-If her and Auron ever have kids and get divorced, I’m voting we give him custody.
-Still no sword, might as well just walk around and lay in a field until game’s called.
Grayfeared the Whitehawk
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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Malva on Mon May 21, 2018 6:47 pm

Saturday, before game:
-Concerning fire  Shocked
-Going on a shower trip with Jenn and meeting a puppy dog
-Thinking Dusk's Edge would be a heckin' nice katana for Taka, but I wanted the alchemy things more Razz
-Mortar for your pestle, ayye
-Thinking it was gonna be me, Michael, and Hilary in a bid war over the fan, but boy that got out of my price range real fast
-THE BOOK. Ya'll had me really scared with that price, but it was WORTH IT
-Thinking the book was really good, but Sharon, clearly not satisfied with my reaction, suggested I take a closer look
-Everyone who didn't realize why I was bidding on void mana

Saturday, as Taka:
-Meeting the new Bishop, and him apologizing for how he'd been
-Realizing Grayfeared was in a real pickle with respect to food, and being way more considerate than Taka would usually be Razz
-Stargazing with Torvallis! and Winnie
-Using excessive force against a mildly contrary Hugo (and then having to reassure everyone that he's not bleeding out)
-That's some nice miracle spice, Hugo

Sunday, as Malva:
-Morning gathering didn't go so well
-Accidentally leaving my recipe book open at my alchemy station to one of my least encoded recipes for an extended period of time...
-Sharon's npc trying really hard to grow mana and Purrsephone digging it right back up; "I already know it won't grow."
-Getting stabilized with a paper napkin
-Getting a free masterworked arrow from being shot in the face
-The note from Ed... Edwin of Toth? Sounds about right...
-Meeting the new Bishop again, expecting another apology; "Hello little goat"
-Don't let that little Kaern overhear the poultice recipe...
-Afternoon gathering didn't go so well
-The lizardfolk :') That's another story for another post...

Sunday, as Taka:
Is this what we're looking for?:
May 2018 - Ordinary Day 8fc9618635c21bf1508fcc4316660ae2
-Perhaps a mermaid's purse would smell like mermaids...
-Lilium: "Those are some very nice weapons Taka, I would love for you to use them in front of me."

Monday, as Malva:
-Cal is too precious, I can't even
-Vadim trying really hard to do the capitalism thing
-Sharonnn....... at least try to not be bleeding
-Found out what my new magic item does, nice

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Vadim Ironstones on Mon May 21, 2018 10:47 pm


- Unintentionally turning into cleanup manager. Good work getting finished up so quickly everyone!


- Thinking "Oh, knight's Edge was one of the popular items from what I'd heard, that might be the highest-selling item at $90" and getting my mind absolutely BLOWN by nearly every other going price. THE BOOK

- Waiting patiently for Miracle Spice, and then calmly declaring that it will be mine.



Hugo Time,

- Messing with Timmean, it kind of became a theme of that evening

- Getting tangled up in Greyfeard's and Tara's personal plot. Being the law is hard in a town with no law

- Listening to Greyfeard's side of the story, hearing an inconsistency from the last time I heard it: "Focus power, Focus power..."

- Using that power to obliterate a rat coming to interrupt us. No rat, not the time for your antics.

- Hearing Tara's side of the story, putting pieces together, doing (what I'm pretty sure isn't supposed to be) my job.

- Getting mauled by the phase beast, and the ensuing fiasco of Hugo giving up on life for the evening and needing to get hauled into the Inn.

- Going god mode for a bit thanks to a special drink. Made everyone psychic for the ghost mod, imparting states left and right.

- putting as many focus powers on Hugo's short sword as there was physical room for, and the ensuing conversation over explaining how powerful the ensuing strike would be. Enough to turn a spider into a fine red mist, it turns out.


- Finally (officially) making amends with Datura. Was the boot kissing really called for?

- Volunteering for a suicide mission into the storm to request aid from the Mafali for the coming fight. Gonna have to figure out the details of that now..

- The trial on what to do about Greyfeard and Tara, Lady Val saving the day with that magic necklace, and fantastic RP by all parties.


- Going out in the rainstorm as Lizardfolk with Pepper, placing traps and hunting for anyone foolish enough to be in the woods alone :p

- Coming in as Tabi the traveler, and teaching people all sorts of skills.

- Getting some downtime to do dishes while the town was ripped to shreds by vampires. Always fun not to be on the receiving end of vampires.


- Being Vadim

- Doing Vadim things

Can't wait until June game! I wonder if Alan Doyle will be bringing in his mermaid character..

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Tara Lesage on Tue May 22, 2018 7:31 am

- Show up before Rob and Sharon even get there (A little overzealous).
- Lugging a stump that I thought was a lot lighter but forgetting it’s solid wood.
- Laying under the stars with Ryan and both of us seeing shooting stars
- Nerves on high for tomorrow’s entrance that Ryan and I have kept secret and planned for months

- “We’re on the same team!” (my sides were splitting with how hard I was laughing)
- Didn’t even try participating because it was my first game and I barely had any money on me
- Really wish I knew what was in that book that sold for $500! I wish I could have had that fan but man did Hillary want it bad.

Saturday- Game On!
- Putting on makeup and realizing this was going to be a long weekend of tolerance, trying not to wreck my nose and whiskers
- Being led around the grounds still OoG so I can make my entrance as I want.
- Plan to have someone lead me into the Inn failed when I saw an undead on the way in and rushed inside.
- Conveniently still getting what I want as I ask Matt’s character if he knew if I could find Greyfeared.
- Shouting out my attacks so I get everyone’s attention.
- So happy with how my entrance turned out and everyone’s reactions
- “With water I command you to sit!” (OoG still not fully understanding magic I just assume the obvious and flop onto my butt)
- Laughing at how killing the friendly rat was more of a concern than nearly killing Greyfeared
- Confused about hospitality from Torvalis despite nearly killing Greyfeared
- Being questioned by Hugo, trying not to leave anything out.
- Uncertain of what to do for the rest of the night (OoG realizing I wouldn’t see Ryan for the rest of the night) so I head to bed

- Eating delicious food and worrying about the trial to come.
- Why does everyone keep saying justice will prevail? What if she is somehow found guilty and sentenced to death without getting any answers from Greyfeared?
- Getting recipes from Torvalis
- Meeting Rivera and being shown how to trap as well as how female Kaern treat male Kaern.
- Refusing to even think about giving Greyfeared to someone else (OoG maybe Tara still has feelings for Greyfeared? *nudge nudge*).
- Town meeting, Tara sits across the room from Greyfeared hoping to keep someone in between them.
- Information that confuses Tara but she listens anyways to understand.
- Coming apocalypse? She occasionally glances at Greyfeared on the opposite side of the room in worry.
- Everyone starts clearing out right before trial leaving Tara in the room with Greyfeared practically alone.
- Hissing at Greyfeared as I attempt to get food.
- Trial commences and Tara is surprised she’s not the one on trial for attacking Greyfeared but rather he’s on trial for murdering her.
- “Liar!” *puts on necklace to find truth and falls to knees realizing everything she sacrificed was in vain*
- Surprised Greyfeared does not put her on trial and warning the town that her father is coming with mercenaries.
- Running out of the room quickly to not face Greyfeared after what she did.
- Talking to Lady Val, Bikbun, and then Torvalis.
- Seeing Greyfeared go down and rushing outside to fight a bird who harmed him, scaring it away.
- Watching Greyfeared get healed with worry.
- Emotional “private” reconnection with Greyfeared, but still not lovers again.
- Greyfeared and Tara, getting frozen by thieves (OoG thank God, my cloak hid most of my things and I did not lose anything)
- Trying to comfort Greyfeared for having his sword stolen.
- Being taught Awareness by Hare
- Going out to search for herbs and ores with the two other Kaern, Althea and Verbina. Finding a few things.
- Meeting Tabi who offers to teach pathfinding for free.
- Getting hit on the head with a rock (OoG egg mod describing how pissed off Tara is and having +5 to base attack and worried how ooc this will make Tara)
- Punching Volk until he falls unconscious with a creepy smile.
- Silenced, released from silence, knocked out, awoken, then put to sleep to silence Tara.
- Meeting Captain Black Jack Seagull.
- Listening to Greyfeared’s song (gasp could the Kaern in the song be her?)
- Confirming that indeed she is the Kaern in the song. (Aww so blushy)
- Nasty rainstorm and everyone scrambles to save the tents. Yay teamwork!
- OoG can’t go outside in the rain because my ears and tail would get wrecked.
- Meeting the faun who taught Greyfeared a song that is a riddle.
- Trying to piece the riddle together.
- The search is on for Jenny’s Heart! Wait why are there Imperials here? Oh no Greyfeared’s a bandit wanted by the Empire and so is Datura! Uh, uh, Pierre! Cover for them while we flee to search for the heart.
- Thinking the heart is at the ruins Tara insists they go search but Greyfeared says it’s too dangerous. She tries to anyways but Greyfeared stops her insisting they get help from possibly Timmien.
- Heart is not at the ruins.
- Call it a night to search tomorrow for the heart.

- Eating with Greyfeared, no sign of the heart yet.
- Alchemist merchant arrives but Tara is broke and needs ingredients more than potions Sad
- Searching for more ingredients, finding only wilted plants (OoG tags from last year)
- Meeting a friendly turtle and carrying him over to the tables to give treats.
- Leading the turtle home after everyone has pet and played with him. Turtle gives Tara turtle sticks as she leads him home. Turtle nods at Tara before going underwater. Yay! Tara made a friend.
- OoG asking Sharon if turtle sticks gave me anything XD
- Hoping to find anything before game is called but unsuccessful.
- Game Called!
- Hunting for creeps as I clean the latrines and collect the indoor and outdoor lights.
- Getting back cracked by Tony.
- Delicious pizza from Robins.
- Finding out the heart has been hidden for two years on site and no one has found it
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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Winnie on Tue May 22, 2018 8:27 am

Tent neighbors with Pepper and Joy!!
Lots of tree hacking and log lifting. Like a deadlift, Tony. Like a deadlift.
S'mores around the campfire.

Finishing up the straps on Krond's fur cloak and stabbing my fingers with the needle twice.
More clean up.
"We're on the same team!"
Learning about the LARPies and oh my goodness am I going to make so much armor mwahaha.
Trying to learn Transfer State from Taka and being interrupted multiple times by monsters.
Somehow Winnie's personality turned out to be a lot more snarky than originally planned.

-Council Meeting and Krond wanting to go help his clan
-Chilling by the water circle and I look to my left and Brian is just slowly coming my way with a bird. I just sit there staring at it knowing what it's going to do but hoping it won't.
-Being taken out by said bird.
-After being healed back to 1 health I hear there's another bird outside and decide to get my revenge on all the birds. Rob's bird st in the bushes after being injured. I go up to it all calm, put my stick down and talk to it calmly. Project Emotion: Love on the bird. The look on Rob's face is very confused. I pet the bird for a bit while talking gently to it, then "Snapping Neck 1...Snapping Neck 2..."
-Following Pepper's Red Cap. Treaaats. Another bird gets me in the woods, I then proceed to have my arm half hacked off by Pepper's Red Cap. Auron gets me up to 1 health and I run back to the inn, arm dangling by my side. 40 mins to an hour of surgery to reconnect tendons, nerves, muscles and skin all the while learning that Morpha really loves fish and described how to make sushi to me while I sit there and chew on my cloak.
-Took a great nap.
-Jenny and a fish guy. Proceeding to burn the fish guy in the forge in order to get something off of him and essentially making the fire circle reek of rotten fish for years to come. Jake requesting the fishman head tag because he managed to get the head off of it. Volk/Will contemplating bringing the body up to the inn to cook it but being told by Pepper that if he did, every time someone walked by him he would have to describe scene that he was dragging the crispy fishman corpse.
- "Do you want to be my friiiiiiend?"
-Go use the bathroom. Come back to the inn and see Volk and Timmean outside the door. I ask what's going on. Volk says Timmean is paralyzed to hold the door shut. I ask why. He says vampires are in the Inn. My reply, "I go take a shit for 5 minutes and the place goes to hell? Really?" Then proceed to talk to Volk and Timmean about how to kill the vampires. Volk noticing I have a wooden staff "You have a stick...YOU HAVE A STICK!" He takes my staff and sharpens it to a point for stabbing vampires. Winnie is grumpy her stick is ruined but Volk says he'll make a new stick. I have an inkling that he won't be making a new stick.
-Fighting vampires in the field, go down but Mel as Baddy...Batty? throws itself at a vampire and does 30 mauling damage 15 foot radius. Holy crap little buddy. Mel coming over and whispering in my ear "He sacrificed himself for you" and I almost cried in the field.
-Down on the ground with one eye open watching Krond take on 2 vampires and live. Damn Tony. Damn.

-Going out into the woods to look for a stick I could strip for some woodworking RP. Spending a good 45 minutes tearing bark off that stick to make Timmean a new staff. So many bugs and a few bug eggs on the stick. Kind of regretted the ickiness.
-Krond showing Winnie how to twirl the staff a different way.
-The town contemplating murdering children.
-Datura the pretty pretty princess.
-Not actually finding out of Datura had his burns healed from the voodoo doll bring caught on fire. So there may be a chance Datura is Freddy Krueger.

-game called
-Taking down tents with Pepper and chatting. Finding out the storm cast "The Earth will bind your tent peg" on Pepper's tent.

There's a lot of stuff I just can't remember due to being blinded by excitement all weekend.


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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Cast (Helen) on Tue May 22, 2018 9:08 am

I usually don't share much because of spoilers, but I can't resist!
What made me wake up laughing this morning: the spanking of the pirate girl with voodoo doll.
What made me laugh hardest during event: the ghost of Black Jack.

Man, I wish I'd been able to see more of what went on this event! It seems I missed so much!

Cast (Helen)

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Tue May 22, 2018 10:02 am

Mkay, I'm on my lunch break, so time for the lizardfolk story.

Basically, I reckoned the woods would be pretty empty of people and monsters in the rain. Honestly, I did find a lot of gathers. I headed up the hill from Fairchild and started working my way across the rocky terrain in the general direction of the inn. There were lots of noises and things that sounded like twigs cracking, but I'd been hearing so much of that from the birds and the rain that I just wrote it off. Then I saw a green lizardy face off in the distance and I just ducked down behind a boulder. My thoughts were a continuous loop of "I'm so high up in the woods that my only hope is staying hidden." I peeked out around the corner and there were two of them and they were coming towards me; they might have heard me, but I couldn't tell; I hadn't been trying to be any more quiet then usual, but I was avoiding any major thumps or cracks. They were still meters away, not looking at my direction in particular, but they started coming around the boulder, so I had to back up to stay hidden, and I had to do it quickly. Every step made a noise; no outrageously loud twig-snapping; it all could have blended into the forest, but if, if they'd noticed me, I was giving myself away. This went on for a minute, maybe two; I still couldn't tell they knew where I was; they still weren't looking at me. Then Green Arrow just turns and shoots a 15 metal bypass arrow right over the boulder. For a split second I tried to stay still; maybe that was just a taunt; maybe if I didn't react he'd move on. That idea only lasted until the other lizard popped up on the other side of the boulder with a sword, about to strike, and I leaped out and started screaming salvation at the top of my lungs, and bolted down the hill. Arrows were whizzing past my face and Pepper's lizard was close behind. I was leaping over rocks and boulders and borderline-cliffs that I might not even try to traverse any other time, I was fully expecting to trip and injure myself with every leap, but I just kept going. At least one of those drops must've been over 4ft high, and I just treated it like a step in a staircase.

And then Pepper's lizard hit me. I let out one last shriek, and I just fell back against the last boulder like it was a chair. And they started carrying me across the hill. And they tied me to a tree, gouged out my eyes, and took my sword. At the time, I did not hear a single person downhill say a thing about my screams. I just laid there, in the rain, anticipating my second death, and planning who to trust to resurrect me should there be a third. After a few minutes, people suddenly erupted screaming "Malva!" at completely the wrong end of the woods. It was comforting, but I still didn't believe they'd find me. They started fighting the lizards. At some point Green Arrow came back and ate my hand. They started drawing closer and closer to my location, and then one of the lizards started chirping and running towards me. I'm not really sure what happened, but after some time, they players finally spotted me, and I was genuinely surprised. Torvallis! healed me and then all I had to do was make it downhill to Val while blind, missing a hand, and tied to a tree, which went okay. I'd honestly forgotten my hands were tied and I thrashed around a lot when I woke up. But anyways, yea, fun times.
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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Ardin Gallagher on Tue May 22, 2018 11:20 am

Other side of the lizardfolk story!

Myself and Green Arrow go through the woods, setting up traps and ambushes in the woods. We're about to move on when we hear twigs snapping. Green Arrow points to Malva and we both watch as she goes behind a rock. I stay relatively still and hope she hasn't seen us yet, because she's too far up the hill I had doubts of catching her should she start running. Green Arrow sneaks around and takes a shot at her, and at that point I make my move.

We were well off any semblance of a path at this point. I approached the rock and Malva started screaming. My only thought was to silence her before she alerted the town, to cut her down. We started racing through the brush, the only thing slowing me down being the trees whipping at my face and arms. We leapt over rocks and scrambled between trees. Malva was fast, but I was slightly faster. After a 50' chase, we had won our prize.

Dragging her back to camp, we tied her up and searched her person. A shiny new sword, perfect for more hunting. We tied her to a tree and tore out her eyes in case she came to and tried to escape, then headed down to town to see what new prey we could get. Not seeing anyone at the bunks, we split up and I went to the knights camp. No one there, despite my attempts to make myself known. Heading down to get a vantage point on the field, I see several people running down to the knight's camp. Perfect, lots of tasty food now.

I make a commotion and run back to the woods to hide, meeting up with Green Arrow and hiding in the woods. At this point I believe we seen Torvalis! in the woods and started hunting him down. They ran through the brush while I stayed on path so I started to catch up, but with the rain I slipped through the mud and lost them. Hearing others on their way, we retreated and hid, ambushing and taking out Iris. Timmean and Torvalis! followed close by so I couldn't get a meal in me, but hidden beside Iris we managed to ambush the both of them and take them down with the help of our trusty new sword (Thanks Malva!). Timmean was the next one up, and hit me with a Water commands you to sit as I take him out. Now I'm stuck, unable to run, as more of the town Approach. Lady Val stays back and chains lightning at Green Arrow, who eventually grits through it and hauls me off. We go through the woods and escape while the town stays back and help the fallen.

Event memories to follow!
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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Joy Rosewood on Tue May 22, 2018 12:31 pm

- setting up a tent for the very first time
- campfire Very Happy
- Jake in a cloak being spoopy
- Chickie and me singing ABBA in the car
- sleeping and waking up in a tent in a very long time
- much carrying and gathering of wood with friendos
- becoming blue
- the auction D: (now I need to learn arcane dissect 3)
- Timmean. Seriously, you've been through ALOT and it never gets old watching you explain it all.
- Making Hugo more comfortable by the heater.
- Also, Hugo is Lord Psychic now
- Captain Black Jack trying to figure out what I am (and everyone else to a greater or lesser extent)
- Talking to Jaya about magic stuff.
- Talking with Dolcy about ritual magic, and Volk doing the Volk voice
- Talking to Lady Val about things and stuff; learning about certain useful capabilities that she has.
- Learning about the sea falcons and using the dagger of the dissecting eye
- Watching the town gang up on Jenny and her pal
- Learning earth magic with Timmean. Oh boy.
- So me and Timmean are by the earth circle. It's about mid day. He's talking about earth magic, and he starts talking about healing and life. I start to bring up the fact that waterkin heal with water strikes, not earth heals, when all the sudden we get ganked by a falcon out of nowhere. So, a few minutes pass and a couple of knights come by; they stabilize me and him, and once I'm concious, I yell out," Strike me with water!" and then I get struck with water and everyone is like OOooooo. It was a good moment.
- Learning earth magic in the bunk house. Timmean asks me to take out the earth mana he gave me earlier. So I pull out my essence mana out of my tiny pouch that I got earlier from Snessa to get the earth mana. I'm like, "Hey Timmean, check this out- " and I butterfinger the essence mana onto the floor. There is a distinct look of horror on Timmean's face. I ask him to never speak of it again. We successfully finish the lesson this time.
- Hugo's nuclear sword bomb. 56 Focus powers.
- learning air magic through the power of dance.
- "Hey Hugo where did your Nuclear sword bomb go?" "I turned a spider into paste"
- I obtain human eyes from that poor blind farmer that wondered into town. MWahahaha >Very Happy
- Saying my goodbyes :') Ima see you guys soon enough. And I still want to do that stream with you Erika, we just need to setup a night to do it on.
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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Talia Swanheart on Tue May 22, 2018 12:50 pm

Clean up! And setting up camp and the Citadel. Finally, we have a place to sit and eat. Very excited about this.

Attaching paper thin plastic to Citadel walls in the wind is scary. Trip to town to get more lanterns and making them less night blinding in the car.  
Auction.....oh my god!!! So intense!
Game On!
-Bishop isn't an asshole anymore. Weird!
-Killing skeletons and (finally!) getting my first killing blow! Well...actually doing it right and counting to 5 instead of 3 hehe Embarassed
-Hearing a lot of arguing and screaming coming from the inn and wondering what the hell was going on. Meeting Tara, learning her sad past and trying to help figure out. (OOG sorry I didn't get to talk to her much after that, the weekend got very busy)
-Phase Beast attacks! Discussing plans to kill it. Trying to carry Hugo into the inn after Taka knocked him out for being grumpy (OOG Mitchell, you are heavier than you look lol)
- Hugo is fine! He's just knocked out!
- Cool! I'm psychic now. But no Phase Beast.

Sunday: (This day! Oh my god!)
- Waking up to go help Degren find gathering and him clearing being under the influence of something. He keeps asking for truffles.
- Letting Degren go back into the woods alone (OOG a girls gotta pee) and debating if I should eat breakfast before going in after him.
- Run into a male Kaern (OOG sorry I don't remember his name) and finding out that Degren attacked him. Now I know something is very wrong.
- Finally found him and he leads me a little deeper into the woods (OOG I didn't want to turn my back to him) where he attacked me (OOG 50 metal bypass! Really?!? I wasn't even wearing armor!) and cut a chunk of my arm.
- Apparently, I taste sweet and he wants more. Takes my whole arm and then stabilizes me "to keep me fresh" so he can come back and get more. Great!
- People show up, then a bear, get eaten a little by bear (am I really that tastey!?!) Get woken up by Timmean, bear comes back, bear gets slowed, stab bear with dagger, bear dies, bear is actually a bear dog thing?
- I'm going to kill Degren!
- Find Auron and Michael. They are also going to kill Degren.
- Find Degren has locked himself in the Citadel and we have no way in. Great! He is eating my arm and "preparing" my flesh in my own cauldron. I'm going to kill him.
- Get arm grown back by Lady Val. Thank you!
- Degren snaps out of insanity (so we think) and unlocks Citadel. I yell at him to clean up his mess.
- I should have just had breakfast.
- Finally get to eat and trick water kin that the coffee canister is actually a portal to the plain of Coffee, run by Lord Caffeine the lord of energy and happiness. Get a lecture from Michael that I should not have told her that.
- Get thirsty and head to get water. Run into Malva who wants to go to the outhouse but saw a bear. Decide to go with her. I don't see any bear. Wait for Malva. Oh look, it's a bear. Tell bear to stay in the tree, it doesn't listen. Get attacked and eaten by bear (again!). Timmean wakes me up again. Why is my hand over there? Get hand regrown by Keket and decide to keep my old one because who knows, I may need it someday and it's mine!
- Learn new potion recipes with Torvillas!, Tara and a little halfing (OOG sorry i don't remember your name)
- Go back to camp and do first part of my Knight's Trials. (I passed! Yay!)
- Starts to rain so I go to sleep for wayyyy longer than planned.
- Had some deep conversation with Bishop as we keep watch.
- Vampires+no silvered weapons=useless
- Laying on cold, wet grass with a cold is probably not the best idea so go to bed.

- Today is the day for my second trial!
- We're looking for something and we don't know what it looks like in the woods? That's going to be impossible!
- Breakfast!
- Okay it's time for my trials!
- Meet a Red Cap for the first time. Somewhat discipline him with honey. A little while later, I take his hat and he goes berserk. Wake up and he is dead. I still his hat and is told not to put it on so I put it in my bag. Later decided to experiment and I attack Sky, interesting.
- Okay, time for my trials!
- What do you mean pirate children have come for Datura?
- We can't kill them, they're kids!
- Okay pirate children are leaving and I make sure to tell them to tell everyone that Datura's name is now poopy.
- Datura gets a fabulous make-over.
- Okay, trials now! (Passed!)
- Become a Knight! On probation. But I'm a Knight! Secretly hopes that people of town still like me.

What a weekend! Had so much fun! Can't wait for June!
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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Verbena Domitia on Tue May 22, 2018 1:24 pm

-Setting up tents with new friends.
-S'mores and shooting stars!

-Hauling a truly stupid number of logs, enjoying it very much.
-Getting changed into full costume for the first time, to discover I look like a winterized Hamilton extra.
-Gossiping with Lillium and Adelaide.
-Tara's entrance!
-Getting shut down by visiting elves for sitting in their spot, and subsequently by Carlos for making speeches.
-Hugo's terrifying psychic sword.
-Bonding with Gurok

-The high-stakes town meeting: "The farmer, the pastor, and the professor."
-Love wins the day at the trial.
-Gathering with friends.
-Adventures with red caps.
-Captain Jack Seagull and the riddle of the song.
-Sucking up to visiting Imperials and getting silenced by Lady Val for being too loose with my tongue. Getting told off by the entire inn upon challenging her.
-Having a tearful moment with Gurok in the bunkhouse.

-Waking up in the full belief that Verbena's a dead man walking.
-Taking an unidentified axe to Father Francis of all people because he was the only learned person available willing to tolerate Verbena.
-Being the victim of TWO consecutive kidnappings.
-RPing with Volk in a closed mod for a solid hour.

-Morpha's enthusiasm about discovering the material plane.
-Torvallis! sassing Verbena at every opportunity.
-Delicious, delicious food in the inn.
-Making so many OOG friends and so many IG enemies.

Thanks so much to everyone for everything! I was so nervous that I almost decided not to come, but it turned out to be one of the most fun, creative experiences I've had in a long time, with so many supportive, friendly, talented people. I can't wait to see you all again, and I'm so looking forward to bringing Verbena back to Holdfast in June!

Verbena Domitia

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Lady Val on Tue May 22, 2018 4:36 pm

-Finally getting to site after all the kerfuffle of packing and dealing with school
-Setting up the Bell Tent! Very Happy
-Feeling bad for not helping clean up more, but feeling pretty stoked about the Tent working
-Mages College Meeting not getting as long and drawn out as expected, who knew?
-Bonfire with Fairy Marshmallows! AND SMORES!
-Kind of freezing in the tent until I found the hand warmers Gerald gave me last year. You saved my toes Gerald!

-Realizing Jake's air mattress has collapsed
-Also realizing we forgot the cord for Jake's CPAP battery and feeling super guilty for losing it
-Going into town for GIANT TUB OF COFFEE (TM) and still not finding the cord for the CPAP but managing to get Jake a new mattress
-Finally getting back to site and getting Jake set up
-Getting the fan :3
-Tara's entrance! Damn that was awesome!
-Casting that night as monsters and the ghosties *Project emotion: BLOODLUST! Mwuhahahahaha!*
-Not freezing to death in the tent and instead being toasty warm because heater and warmers

-Waking up ready to test out Val's new look, Dragon Scalemaille for the win!
-So many Kaern! Very Happy
-Another Trial? Really?
-Val finally gets to reveal the plot of the Axes Supercede and how Holdfast has to save the world and is really surprised, and moved, when a bunch of people offer to become first Fae AND go on a potential suicide mission to Cynevin.
-Mermaid interlude: In which Krond is a badass and single handedly kicks the golem's ass
-Lessa is back??? I'm am more surprised by this fact then the fact that Lessa is now the benign Elven equivalent of Orochimaru
-Lessa disappears the second Val gets back :/
-Having a deep personal discussion with Gurok
-Praying at the Faerie circle and getting super emotional as the rain begins to pour
-Faerie senses start tingling: WE NEED TO RESCUE MALVA GUYS!
-Rescuing Malva and getting to electrocute the birds like:

May 2018 - Ordinary Day Tumblr_p0pxyadUhq1w2v2tjo3_540

-Enchanting things because its to wet outside
-A ghost appears
-Jenny returns and Bikbun goes nuts, the Scorch Sisters enchant weapons and get some decent hits in using their FIREPOWER!
-Mermaid Interlude 2: In which Asher is french kissed by an octopus and Hydraea vows to help the town
-Imperials arrive and Val makes Verbina STFU because we are NOT telling them about the Rift, EVER!
-Val tells the Imperials to politely fuck off because we are kind of dealing with a Sea Witch and the End of the World here and we really don't need your pompous asses messing up everything.

*An interlude in which much plotting occurs and things go unexpectedly*

-Enchanting again
-Bedtime? Maybe? Maybe not. Val goes on a midnight adventure, much to Bikbun's chagrin.
-Tent is not flooded and is still toasty warm :3

-Val "All of my regular clothes are soaked... Guess its still Riju time."
-Trying to do some calligraphy, getting absolutely none done
-Helping the farmer lady, realizing the Knights are indirectly responsible and the Halfling mob are directly responsible
-Child pirates? I'm confused "WHY IS DATURWA YOUR DADDY?!?!"
-Sparring with Krond
-Asher telling people we need to give the children back their weapons
-Datura needing a new alias
-Going to Faerie with everyone looking to become First Fae or to receive a blessing
-Cosmic purring

*Faerie results pending*
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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Asher Fairchild on Wed May 23, 2018 9:17 am

*pokes Auron in the butt with my sword*
"Be careful down there, you may die!"
Asher Fairchild
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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Rob (Cast) on Wed May 23, 2018 2:10 pm

For me, that golden golem mod with Krond was awesome! And realizing after a half hour of full body gold make up application that he wouldn't be able to see I was gold, lmao
Rob (Cast)
Rob (Cast)

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Krond Thuliaga on Wed May 23, 2018 5:00 pm

It’s a matter of principle Rob Very Happy no regrets! Lol that was honestly my favourite part of this weekend as well Smile
Krond Thuliaga
Krond Thuliaga

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Hugo on Wed May 23, 2018 5:54 pm

Lady Val against the Lizardfolk:


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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Krond Thuliaga on Wed May 23, 2018 6:22 pm

I’m sad I missed the Lizardman mod Sad
Krond Thuliaga
Krond Thuliaga

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Verbena Domitia on Wed May 23, 2018 6:54 pm

Thanks for keeping an eye out for bullying, Rob! You'll be happy to know that there are no hard feelings between Chickie and myself, only good-natured teasing continued from a conversation in person. Smile

Verbena Domitia

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Fr. Francis Saint-Antoine on Wed May 23, 2018 7:47 pm

Before game I emailed Sharon about taking cast equipment in lieu of Christians SUV. She didn't need my help, but was very thankful that I had thought of her. Senpai Notice Me count: 1

I arrive in town and the first character I meet is a friendly rat that liked to be pet. Sometimes these little guys just need some love! RIP in peace.

Congrats on the promotion, Hassan!

Hugo focus powering his sword. "I just turned a spider into pink mist with this."

First up: the trial. Hugo and Val were discussing postponing the trial because one third of the council was busy and another third was on trial. I approached and offered the idea of forming a jury. "Good idea, Francis. You're on the jury."

Lady Val using her green flower dildo magic Faerie wand to give me awareness 1. So that's what mana looks like...

Witnessing Hugo do 120 metal dmg to a spider. Spider guts everywhere.

Timmean says that Malva is missing, and needs people to help find her. Me and Prof. Michael volunteer. "Anyone other than the farmer, the pastor and the professor want to help?" I think The Farmer, the Pastor and the Professor would make a pretty kickass band name.

I was OOG most of Sunday afternoon so I could take a break. That's when half the town starting beating up Volk. Sharon had to be there to witness it, and was standing out in the cold shivering. I gave her my poncho. Senpai Notice Me count: 2

Then in comes Jenny. I was still OOG, but I wanted to watch the oncoming fight. As always, Bikbun stole the show. I started noticing that everyone's mana was falling into the mud and rain and so I started picking up after people. Sharon was very appreciating. Senpai Notice Me count: 3

Later I talked to Sharon about starting a charity. I was nervous about this because I knew that cast has been trying to kickstart Holdfast's economy, and my charity would do the opposite. As it turns out, the only reason cast wants the economy going is because players have all the rocks and cast is running out. So Sharon thought it was a great idea. Senpai Notice Me count: 4

Monday was charity collection day. I must've guilted half the town out of their money >:^)

Had a brief conversation with Val. Long story short; Francis might be writing a theology book this season?

People were very generous with their donations, including Vadim who tried (and failed) to donate opium. Not sure how that could've helped my cause, but... Thanks?

Not too long after I find the blind farmer lady named after a Flight of the Chonchords song. Sharon was worried nobody would find her wandering around in the woods, and was very appreciative OOG that I found her. Senpai Notice Me count: 5

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Winnie on Thu May 24, 2018 4:48 am

I'd also like to put in that Francis's "Senpai Notice Me" count is another favourite part of mine even though this is technically after the weekend :3

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Hugo on Fri May 25, 2018 11:48 am

Fun memory from Monday as Vadim:

Vadim approaches Lilliam, asking for hand hair. Lilliam, apparently knowing Vadim's game, asks for payment in the form of the recipe for sleep potions.

Vadim agrees.

So we go out on the back deck and Vadim lops of the hand hair for that half of the bargain.

"And now, for my end of the deal. I will give you five minutes of unlimited access to my recipe book." And he hands it over to her. She bounces with excitement, as this seems to be much more of a payment than originally advertised.

It was in that moment that Lilliam discovered that, among other things, Vadim's recipe book is written in Russian.

When I came back and claimed my book, a new note had been added: "Fuck you dwarf man > : ( "

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

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