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May 2018 - Ordinary Day

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day - Page 2 Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Joy Rosewood on Sat May 26, 2018 11:59 am

That probably wasn't very wise to trick her like that.

Now how are you going to get Halfling hand hair?

But that was a clever ruse. I can appreciate that.
Joy Rosewood
Joy Rosewood

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day - Page 2 Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Timmean on Mon May 28, 2018 4:49 pm

Finally time to post my memories! Though first, what is it with all you alchemists? Recipe books in code and other languages, racing for all the gathers, $500 for a book... y'all are intense Razz

-Getting to site and setting up. Kitchen wasn't too tricky this game, and Lynsey got the tent set up pretty quickly - once we found a spot for it!
-Figuring out the new stove was a process that spanned much of the weekend, but we got it running that first night, and got some fresh bread on the table Smile
-That was a cooold night, but we had enough blankets and all to weather it pretty good!

-Cleanup went well, as did kitchen stuff (aside from one hiccup with my ability to count hotdog buns Neutral ). Lugging some of that stuff down to the fire pit was nice, particularly that gigantic stump. Speaking of,
- "Men of Log" and the "Order of tarp"
-Digging an old tarp out of the ground behind the inn, and people using it to carry deadfall
-the Mages College (or, for now, teaching administration ledger) seems to be accomplishing something, I think/hope
-That auction was nuts. It was all fantastic, but I had some highlights, like when I realized why Danica was bidding on the void mana thread.
-Searching around for Val or Bikbun to explain to Timmean how to use the magic item I bought in the auction, because IG Timmean had no idea what it did. Found Val's uncle Riley (sp?) instead. Proceeded to make sure I would absolutely always have that item on me
-The friendly rat, and Tara's chaotic entrance. Certainly one of the more eventful arrivals a new player has made
-SO MANY NEW PEOPLE. Seriously, Timmean was so confused by the enormous influx of new characters.
-Trying to meet everyone, while introducing myself to Iris, "So what brings you here?" "I heard it was a safe place." Shocked  Proceeds to explain that the people are (mostly) welcoming, but Holdfast is definitely NOT safe
-Hugo being all existential in the field and refusing to move
-Hearing about the phase beast and going to help search for it. We saw it at one point, but it ran off and got away in the dark; "Night time in the Astral Plane is still dark, guys!"
-Getting entranced by the ghost couple, following them into the woods, and calling for "1 mauling" when we got hit with bloodlust and all I had on me was my foam fist
-More phase beast hunting, with no luck. I think it's smart enough to avoid the big crowds of people accompanied by psychics who can track it
-Talking to Morpha - that was Saturday night, right? Giving the short (ish) version of Timmean's history since arriving in Holdfast
-Sitting and chatting in the inn when I notice Hugo's psychic-enhanced sword and my jaw hits the floor. I spent the rest of the night in awe and terror of that thing.
-Second night in the tent was a little warmer than the first!

-Up and helping with breakfast when we get word that something's happening in the woods; rush off to find Talia injured and missing an arm, and a bear thing attacking us. Iris pulled off a slow spell that helped a bunch, and someone (Malva maybe?) cut it down. Then I mostly hung around until they were finished dissecting it, and we got everyone back to the inn. Was also informed that Talia was attacked by Degren, and recovered a mushroom that seemed to belong to the Faerie circle.
-Returned said mushroom, only to have Degren walk out of the woods behind me. Cautiously waiting, I prepare to shout, when he hits me with a knockout - I think I yelled for a moment after the call, whoops? He proceeds to slice open my leg and tear off my ear Mad
-People find and get me awake again pretty quickly; Lady Val regrew my ear later that day, and I healed the cut after a while, but I was limping around for part of the morning.
-The town meeting, which was very intense and dramatic, and wondering what it was like for all the new characters & players. All the people who volunteered to go talk to Faerie was awesome
-The trial was nice (and actually accomplished stuff!). Timmean was grinding his teeth a little early in Grayfeard's testimony, with all the talk of bandits and pirates! Sharon giving the OOG "that's true" and everyone laughing was cute
-I get a feeling of something at the Faerie circle while I'm eating lunch, and Keket and... someone else... go and find a strange unconscious being. As she slowly recovered, it seems that she is, somehow, a reincarnation of Lessa. The plot thickens
-Oh, and among all the quiet conversation, this new Lessa hears about the rift monsters, and quietly announces that she will "protect Holdfast" and that the rift monsters "should be destroyed." We have an ally!
-The two redcaps. I didn't interact much with either, but according to Planting, Timmean's footprints taste "mixed up"
-Training Volk in earth magic, and doing my best to imitate the ways that Timmean was taught
-Watching from the inn as Krond gets hit by a spin from the bird and somehow turns it into a full Zelda-style spin attack
-Discussing something (can't remember what) in the inn, and accidentally let out a huge burp in Lady Val's face  pale
-Trying to teach earth magic to Morpha, only to get attacked by another bird. I was SO scared I was going to die to yet another piece of popcorn  Mad
-The rain, and the bazaar/tent thing!
-Lady Val's warning that Malva is in danger, and all of us rushing off into the woods to search for her. I trudged from Fairchild Grove over to the muddy path, and managed to catch a fleeing lizardfolk with one of my spells. Don't remember what I commanded it to do.
-Another of the lizardfold downed me, but there were enough people around that I was up again pretty fast. We managed to find Malva but the lizardfolk got away
-The note from "Your #IV fan, Ed"
-Captain Seagull, and all his bizarre ramblings, plus the song from Rob's Faun
-The re-emergence of Jenny, and all those goings-ons. Suggesting Asher go and meet with the mer-folk (sorry, Hillary!), and trying to remember the name of their queen
-Searching through the woods for the heart, but finding nothing. Well, except a yellow plastic ball which was SO deceptive  Evil or Very Mad
-Winding down kitchen stuff and getting ready to head to bed, when vampires show up in the inn. I rush outside and try to hold the door shut; when Volk shows up and I tell him what's going on, he hits me with a petrify spell to keep that entrance blocked
-Volk subsequently stealing Winnie's staff and sharpening it into a stake
-Third night in the tent was a little warmer still, and thankfully everything stayed dry!

-After breakfast, combing through the forest with Torvallis in search of the heart, and whistling to keep from wandering too far apart. This time we found a few things, but nothing big - unless you count the huge rock formation which we've decided was an ancient earth circle
-Encountering Verbina, Greyfeard, and Tara in the woods but still finding very little
-Coming back to the field as things are going on with the pirate children
-Hunting through the woods one more time with Morpha and Iris, but still no luck
-Going to the Faerie circle with the whole crowd of people. When it's my turn to speak semi-OOG to Faerie, I slip on a stump and accidentally body-slam Lady Val. Oops Neutral
-Shortly thereafter, game is called. I quickly got out of my costume and headed for the kitchen, expecting the usual pile of dishes, but was very pleasantly surprised to find the vast majority of them already done! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who helped with dishes on Monday morning, it was tremendously helpful!

All in all, a very good game! And as always, I'm sure I'll think of a few details I forgot to include, and if so I'll be sure to post them later!

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day - Page 2 Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Zar/Herr on Tue Jun 05, 2018 6:54 am

-Overhearing and becoming part of a talk between Jaya and Timmean

-Having a serious talk with Jaya and Lady Val

-Eating at the knight's camp fire with Bishop and Skye

-Trying to make hot chocolate

-Skye using the dirty water we apparently didn't boil enough for his hot chocolate.

-Not using the dirty water for mine and using cold, bottled water instead

-Had to use a pot for my cold chocolate

-Stirring the cold chocolate calling it "chocolate soup"

-Attempted to drink it but spilled it. *putting it close to my eye* "now it's just...soup"

-Laughing for so long!

-Not really being bothered by the monsters at night

-Cooking over the fire was fun.

-Being told to, basically, pick on Verbina

-Getting excited with Pocket about the kidnapping

-Realizing that Pocket is braver than Herr (Herr is NOT getting caught. Talk about stress)

-Pocket and Herr waiting for Verbina to fall for the note trap (which didn't happen), Pocket saying "we really need someone with a bit of wits on our side!" and Herr completely agreeing.

-Managing to Trick Verbina to come to the edge of town with us

-Herr: (to Pocket after Verbina showed us the way out of town) Are you ready?
Pocket: Oh, I'm ready.
*Herr and Pocket begin stabbing Verbina*

-Beginning Verbina's torture only to be knocked out and later hear Volk re-kidnapped her.

-Elf Gurok suddenly becoming Sheriff again (so caught of guard!)

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day - Page 2 Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:15 am

Man, I didn't even notice Pocket was in town!
Kuromori, Taka
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May 2018 - Ordinary Day - Page 2 Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

Post by Joy Rosewood on Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:10 am


I missed that whole sequence of events with Verbina. That's hilarious.
Joy Rosewood
Joy Rosewood

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May 2018 - Ordinary Day - Page 2 Empty Re: May 2018 - Ordinary Day

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