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A Missive from that Bardic Chap

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A Missive from that Bardic Chap Empty A Missive from that Bardic Chap

Post by Prof. P. P. Pendergast on Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:30 pm

(The following appears about five days after the Professor departs Holdfast for the Northern Confederacy...)

My dear friends,

I offer you greetings from Applevale. At time of writing, several days have passed since my departure from the town of Holdfast, and I have already arranged for passage to the Northern Confederacy in the hopes that I might solve the mystery of what has happened to the Mana circles, as well as the Faerie Circle. Enyamia and Cosidious have helped me in this task, and I hope I will be able to come up with solutions before this eldritch infestation grows more serious.

I’ve already met with Big Tom and spoken with him regarding his remarks in his past letter, and told him how I appreciated his kind words. I would truly hope that I am indeed meant for greater things, and I hope to start following his advice about learning to take care of myself with all speed. Fortunately, I have great sources of inspiration from which to draw.

Now, before I depart, I wish to offer sincerest thanks for the way in which I have been welcomed to town. And as such, I have a few remarks to offer those with whom I’ve spent much time these past days.

To Father Francis Sainte-Antoine: Father, I cannot even begin to thank you for helping me in my time of need. When I gave Ena her final mercy, all I could feel was a sense of confusion and renewed grief from the wound left behind from the Eldershire massacre. You brought me back from the brink of my own devastation, and that is a debt I cannot repay. Thank you once again.

To Torvallis: I wish to offer you thanks for your culinary exploits during my stay in town. I cannot even begin to describe how long it’s been since I’ve had food as good as yours. A long time, to be sure. I hope to sample it once more when I return to town. Hopefully, if I am successful in this mission, the next time I feast upon your culinary masterpieces, it will be in celebration.

To Lady Verbena Domitia: Verbena, we never saw eye to eye on many things, but I am glad I was useful during my time in your presence. And may I say, your skill on the battlefield was quite satisfactory. Until we meet again.

To Duchess Keket: Thank you for helping me stay the course during the battle against the lich. I am glad that my voice was useful for more than echoing across the hills of Holdfast in a mad panic. If you ever find yourself in need of my voice to aid your medical arts, you have but to ask.

To Bikbun Ironbones: Bikbun, my good man, I am sorry if my mention of a certain underwater menace caused you undue frustration, either after the encounter with her forces or during our encounter with Billybuns, or whatever her sodding name is (I was only trying to get you back to your senses that time!). If it is any consolation to you, I will do what I can in assisting you with ending that nightmare, if I am able. By the way, the bruise on my arm is healing quite nicely.

To Gurok: I apologize if I have caused you any annoyance these past several days. So you are aware, I have not forgotten my promise to you with regard to Verbena. No harm will ever come to her by my hand. And I will be sure to watch my back from now on, so as not to get another surprise knockout. Twice in the span of one day was quite enough for one lifetime.

To Prof. Michael Grayflow: Michael, I cannot thank you enough for the overwhelming emotional support you have offered during my stay in Holdfast. You are a good friend, and I look forward to seeing you again when I return. And rest assured, I will indeed return.

To Morpha: You are indeed one of a kind, my friend. I would hope that my water mana, however limited, will prove useful in the midst of this drought. When I return, I will try to have as much as I can. Any you need that I am able to spare is yours; you have but to ask.

To Lillium: Lilly, I cannot begin to apologize enough for not being able to save you from Nero’s clutches. I had hoped that the old adage “knowledge is power” would’ve been enough to buy us both enough time for a rescue to arrive. I am only thankful that beast didn’t hurt you. I will be sure to lay my hands to a scroll that can put him to rest if I ever cross paths with the blighted undead bastard again. It will be the least I can do for both of us.

And finally, to Lady Valeriya: My lady, perhaps I owe to you the greatest thanks of all. You have shown me the countenance of a true leader, and that I still have much to learn as both an arcane practitioner and as person. You have given me something to aspire toward, and shown me that I can be more than just the barely capable individual you saw these past few days. I can only hope to learn from, and live up to your example.

Friends, in the short time I have been among you, I have felt a sense of fellowship I have not felt in a very long time... not since my days in Eldershire. It is a welcome feeling. Thus, please know that this is farewell but not goodbye. When I return – and rest assured, I shall indeed return – It will hopefully be with knowledge about how to restore that which has been lost. Hopefully I will have some interesting stories to tell, and songs to sing.

Until then, peace be upon you all. See you in a month!

Yours in deepest sincerity,


Prof. P. P. Pendergast

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