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Quiet town

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Quiet town Empty Quiet town

Post by Dimitri on Tue Dec 17, 2019 9:12 pm

{Time Stamp: early December}

The weather has taken a turn and winter bears its teeth

A slower Dimitri walks into the Inn brushing off snow he puts some water on the boil, he fumbles with the beans he has and starts to brew some coffee with his small supposedly dwarven contraption
"I zink I fold it zis way Zen.... oh yes"

He sits down by the game board and clears off both sides then starts to brew coffee, not as good as Sylvie's never the less he has grown fond of the taste.
The work these past 2 months have been tiring and he misses the bright days and bright faces of Summer. The days will start getting longer after the new moon he thinks.

Dimitri raises his voice to the inn! "Who vill Share story to keep night at bay"?

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Quiet town Empty Re: Quiet town

Post by Verbena Domitia on Sat Dec 21, 2019 5:05 pm

Verbena sits in the corner, half-heartedly stabbing cloves into a lime for wassail. She's been gloomy and standoffish for the past several weeks, and tonight is no exception. She softens a little at Dimitri's voice, however, and straightens up a bit. "I think you would need a bard for one of quality" she says, grabbing another clove from the dish. "But I know a couple."

"In the oldest days, there was no such thing as snow. A young man once pined for a fair maiden who lived nearby. She was known for her proud heart and kind ways, but her father had decreed she would never marry. The young man was a jeweller and thought that he might make for her the finest circlet of all the world that he might impress her father and win her heart. But he had fallen on hard times and had no money for silver or gold. He climbed to the top of the coldest mountain, where the ice was hard as stone and lasted all the year. He spent days carving out ice from the lake, using matches to melt the ends so that they might freeze together. He plucked stars from the sky to make it shine, and dusted it with the aurora. After many weeks, he had crafted a shimmering circlet, wondrous to behold. He hurried to the woman's home. When she saw what he had done for her, she fell in love and swore they would be wed. But her father, seeing that the young man had won her heart, flew into a rage and cast the circlet to the ground, whereupon it shattered into a thousand pieces. The young man and woman wept, and seeing this, the stars that had watched the man's patient crafting wept. As their tears fell, they froze into shapes as wondrous as the circlet, settling on the couple as they watched in amazement. The father, powerless against the stars, ceded the woman's hand in marriage to her love. The stars still craft artful crystals from their tears and adorn the earth with them every winter."

Verbena Domitia

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Quiet town Empty Re: Quiet town

Post by Mo'chi on Sat Dec 21, 2019 7:06 pm

Mo'chi comes in from outside, having just woken up in the cold. He sits near Verbena as she begins to tell her story. A soft smile on his face as he listened. He had one, too, but stories meant talking. He turns to Dmitri and gestures after giving Verbena a quiet clap.

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Quiet town Empty Re: Quiet town

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