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An Off Season Update for Asher Fairchild

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An Off Season Update for Asher Fairchild Empty An Off Season Update for Asher Fairchild

Post by Asher Fairchild on Thu Jul 23, 2020 9:29 am

(Timestamped March 2020)

Behind the inn, Asher Fairchild sits at the air circle. Her face blank, she turns her wedding ring over her finger repeatedly. This has become a regular sight in Holdfast.

She has good days and bad. Sometimes she can muster a conversation, enjoy the company others, even laugh. Others she is distant and aloof, choosing to hide in the tree line.

In any case, she is never out of eyeshot of the air circle. She sleeps, eats and practically lives at the air circle. If ever you catch her in conversation, she is never truly present, always somewhat looking through you towards the air circle.  

Asher Fairchild
Asher Fairchild

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