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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by Vadim Ironstones Sun Oct 04, 2020 5:54 pm

Presently compiling my list, but here's a meme to get started:

October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Matb_e10
Vadim Ironstones
Vadim Ironstones

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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by Malva Sun Oct 04, 2020 7:01 pm

-"We're talking about exchanging parts of our souls." "What, like a potluck?"
-Getting a letter from Timmean and writing a reply and then trying to make my reply not sound too concerning and then just making it worse.
-"What the hell, Moons?"

-Goin gathering in like mid afternoon and finding a ton of stuff
-"RP coughing and laboured breathing" Me thinking about coronavirus restrictions: "Ahum. Ahum." (For a full half hour)

-Grapple training with Auron, Degren, and Pierre
-Oujia Board 2: Oh Right, Lexicus Wouldn't Remember the First Time.
-Marwell didn't want to eat me because I have interesting conversations :O
-Everyone fudging the no audience order - whatever we got the critical info we needed in the end.
-Late night shenanigans and sing songs

-Godo minion showed up
-Tryna explain to everyone that "everyone we hold dear and more, really just the entire world" is more valuable than just "everyone we hold dear"
-Collectin spider webs and hangin out with Lysander
-Cherry Twisted Evil

After Game:
-The funeral for the Citadel

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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by AD Mon Oct 05, 2020 9:54 am

My turn!!

Coming in as the Messenger and running all around to deliver Timmeans letters and scrolls for the town. I'd been working with Travis during the off season on these scrolls, so it was cool to get to see the efforts come to fruition. I also got to see both Malva's and Val's reaction, which was nice.

The Messenger got both responses fairly quickly, which was pleasant, though they didn't know where Timmean lives. Went to bed, in the bunkhouse, then the town found out where Timmean lives.

Getting to see Rob positively Glowing from the Hellion mod was so nice to see.


Setting up the pirate kid mod and sending the boys on their way, was a blast. They were just all so excited, and so very wet from the deluge they walked through to walk out of town

Coming in as Ti and deciding a costume piece could be my hair down! What shocking new discoveries will Sharon find out next? Tune in next time!

Having Aiden's pirate kid "Hey Lady! I'm tawking to yew!" Grapples me with Pierre going "I wouldn't if I were you" I look sadly at Aiden's pirate kid and hurl him back. Leave town twice and am followed both times.

The final time leaving town and Pierre follows. Shortly followed by the pirate kids. So Pierre crossed paths with the boys outside of town. The conversation goes as expected, increasingly annoying Pierre. Until he just kind of straightens his back and tells them to scram. Which they do with haste.

Watched a couple of rituals between lunch and supper. From the feel of it both went well enough. Lady Val now has a goth tent. It's fine.

Saturday Night. MM! I love it when Marwel gets angry. Two separate groups break her orders to make sure Sylvie is alright. When they both walked away together and upright and calmly. But No One actively broke her orders when she literally dragged Auron away, furious.

Talking with Auron was SUCH a pleasant time. Marwel had a lot of fun. AND he was still conscious when she let him go. RIP Auron's OG shield.

Prior getting angry, drinking Marr and him going "Get this Thing off me!" "Excuse me?" So I break one of his bones after I drain him. Auron, "Why did you do that?" "He called me a thing." "Ah, yup, fair enough."

Draining Dimitri and realizing something is off. I taste Pierre and Dimitri again. Something is off.

Marwel leaves and I go and watch another ritual. Again, I'd say it went well enough.

We did have another evening mod planned but had forgotten a crucial costume piece at home. WHELP! QUIET EVENING IT IS I GUESS!


Coming in a Cherry. I had been SO EXCITED for her! Because of the make up aspect. Yes it's still on me. Her just getting worse and worse because fuck the material plane and its mortality issues. People giving her almost pity deals because of it.
Breaking my own ribs off for a deal and making the PC start with each break.
Making a final deal and crossing the field to die in that little grove by the multi faith temple.
Dying in game, with no one to watch, was pretty cool. Last thing I saw was my own hand covered in my own blood.

The timing of Cherry's death was nice, exactly at noon.

Called game and then got to watch the Citedal be taken down for the final time. Danica put flowers on it, after she was put back into her carrying case. I put my oog headband on it and George and Michael cry out in anguish.

All in all, a good game guys! Thanks!


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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by Marr Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:08 pm

Night time gathering is different and kinda nice
Realized at some point with the group hey we are not alone and start to make the way back
They are ambush canine tar hellions between us on the hill and the field
Hear Niko coming up in the distance calling out in greeting.
Then hear the hellions make chase after him. we promptly follow to clean up the mess and Niko was fine.
Inform the Bee Team we are leaving in the morning.

Bit of gathering, get the bee team on the go to head out.
See a Pig Plant thing at start of fairy circle path it comes towards us
Theo sings song immune to Mauling, alright then turns around to face this thing.
"Hey maybe it's friendly" we notice it's holding Nikos armor plate "Hey thanks" *takes the plate*
"HISSSS~" *Boom* 50 sunder

The long reprep down at fire circle in pissing down rain. And Theo coffee house.
Finally leave for bees.
It was a blast but my pep was kicked out of me the amount of times I wiped out xD

I'm not going to spoil it for people who didn't go but it was one of the best highlights I had at game in awhile
So many bees~
It was success but Dimitri is stubborn.

Blur Then Marwel She could of asked but I was sore and annoyed and yeah I called it a thing. I say dumb things when light headed
Almost bitch slap a faun but it was hanging out with a friend.

Relax and banana song before calling a night

people making more deals with Demons
Lysander asking about rune.
It's Satyrs alpha strain fauns. Oh the light Theo saw in Marrs eyes.
Drinking contest things then game got called
End of game Slap fight.

the final take down felt different it was sad but a laugh that thing held up a lot longer then it should have sucks that it is gone.


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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by Malva Mon Oct 05, 2020 4:58 pm

October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" 20201010

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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by AD Mon Oct 05, 2020 6:19 pm



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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by Rudi Mon Oct 05, 2020 7:06 pm

I always say i'll add more, but we all know that's a lie.

- Quick gathering trip with the Guild because I was around and they didn't mind Rudi's company.
- Hellions!!
- also, soul exchanges for skills! I forget most of Friday, tbqh.

Saturday Morning
- Everyone got exploded pre-bee. I had to medic people in the rain. Theo's Coffee House was much appreciated.
- God being a pirate was so SO fun. I RUINED my throat but it was really worth it. Needling Lord Earth was a good time. Being a little shit? also good. 10/10 would bonk everyone again.
- I watched Pete try to pickpocket Pierre on the way out of town and he almost succedded, would've if the pocket had anything in it. I tried to distract Pierre so Pete could have a second chance. (It didn't work :<)
- BEE TIME. That Bee Mod was so, so good. It was my fave thing to ever happen at larp.  Watching Marr get pelted with bees was a religious experience.

Saturday Afternoon/Evening
- Get back from the bees, and Dmitri fuckin DIES. Dude!!!!!! WE asked if you needed anything!!! God.
- The aftermath was... Something though. Rudi was kinda overwhelmed so she didn't help much but hoo boy. That was a whole thing. Good job Degren.
- Going up into the woods with Theo, Talia, and Degren. We told the sapling stories. Auron appeared. Rudi FINALLY found out the Calamity was a worldwide thing. She was kinda upset and worried until Hugo took her on a field trip.
- There were a lot of folks willin to make deals for soul bits, actually.
- Took a nap. It was nice. Had soup after, and no panic attack.
- I <3 when Marwhel comes into town. Rudi less likes it buuut at least Marwhel lets medics do their thing 90% of the time.
- Marwhel wrecked Auron bc town was town. Rudi heard the Big News from Lexicus and SPRINTED to the medical tent to help.
- Hugo and Taka took Rudi, Rosco, and Z on a field trip to the Land of The Dead. That was super fun. Z tried to unmake a horse, Rudi calmed the fuck down. Rosco did stuff. It was great.
- Brother Athelas was so cool!! What a neat NPC.

- Sean got info IMMEDIATELY but I stuck around because staying for like 10 minutes is lame. Dmitri's story was Juicy. Good Content. I'm glad he typically gets one thing that makes for a really good story.
- A demon comes into town. Rudi insists on checking her, medically, despite Cherry saying "nah bro, you can't help, gimme a deal." No deals were made on my end.
- .... Lysander tells us the rune on the beehive wasn't a rune. The bees were owned by fauns. We are Winnie The Pooh.
- I can't chug. I try and forget that I need to swallow the liquid. That was embarrassing for Jesse AND Rudi.

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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by Malva Thu Oct 08, 2020 3:14 pm

October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" 20201011
October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" 20201010

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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by Fr. Francis Saint-Antoine Thu Oct 08, 2020 4:55 pm

Some highlights for me include:

-Pelting people with bees!!

-A really great ambush and subsequent fight with Z as a spider

-Playing a Marwel minion! Now I'm on the Godo Hype Squad AND the Marwel Hype Squad. Hope there's not a conflict of interest there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-Challenging Sylvie to mortal combat, getting interrupted and then defeated by Auron 😠

-Making LOOT as a mana merchant
Fr. Francis Saint-Antoine
Fr. Francis Saint-Antoine

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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by Vadim Ironstones Sun Oct 11, 2020 9:40 pm

Friday night:

- Casting tonight: Hellions! First wave coming in and stalking the guild & co. through the woods (while they’re about to report to cast and declare to rob they were out hunting hellions). Standoff eventually ensues high up the hill when they start hearing us lurking in the shadows, beyond the light of their lanterns.

- Niko marching up the hill and loudly announcing “hey guild you up there?” to which the reply was “NIKO RUN” and all the hellions turning to converge on where we heard him from

- On the third wave, adopting a more passive approach and waiting for them to come to us. Sitting in a bush with Rob and Tony flanking a trail and listening as we hear Degren’s voice grow closer and closer, while all the others are further and further away

(insert ambush meme here)

- Me and the squad ripping Degren's and Marr’s throats, then waiting for the rest to come and save them, all the while keeping that short-ass bleed timer in mind as we wait and nobody comes.

- After backup comes and we’re wiped out I’m slightly relieved to find that they had trances imparted on them by Winnie, so GG to them, planning ahead like that!

Saturday Afternoon:

- The return of gore minions.

Saturday night:

- Hell yea Marwel night!

- Contemplating spicing up so the town can handle whatever comes after her, was expecting unending waves of constructs tbh.

- “To spice now or not to spice now?” *Pet Hellion burst into the Inn and starts mauling ppl* “ok spice o'clock now”

- Blessing grapple and toughness to 31, going back into the inn and finding the hellion has gone, but there’s some healing to do. Trivialize Rosco a bit by kicking everyone back to life.

- Healing Datura and having to impart him block pain to stop him from screaming about his nut(s)

- Sprinting to save Calith from a hellion grapple. didn’t want to deal with Calith bleeding to death, after all. Booking it thereafter rather than take out the Hellion, I know what happens when we hurt Marwel’s pets.

- “Stay subtle”, he says, kicking a bunch of ppl back to life in the field.

- Rip Auron(s bits). Your sacrifice was not in vain. Maybe. idk. I wasn't there for the action but I sure saw the consequences

- A second close call: Bailing out Ceridwyn from assured mutilation after they decided being outspoken in front of Anastasia was a good idea. A bonk will suffice as punishment instead. That’s the sort of punishment I can just kick to fix.

- Mini Jaya apparently getting snapped in half and shotgunned like a crab leg by Marwel (and lived, apparently)

- Apparently grapple 61 is ‘sus’. Das jus spice my guy, I don’t know what else to tell you.

- Spontaneous field trip with Rudi, Rosco, and Zee to the Land of the Dead library. There are 3 rules: Don’t Look Up, Don’t Look Up, and Don’t Look Up.

- Z trying to get a ghost horse to look up and it biting him in reply. Please don't try to annihilate the ghost horse

- Having a deep convo about religion and belief with Zero in the field. There’s a pause, then we both hear Degren finish some story ending in shouting SEX at the top of his lungs. Holdfast, a land of contrasts.


- Drinking contest! Funt to watch, fun to partake, good to get oog hydrated and ig drunk

- Grapple standoff between Z and Marr against Ceridwyn and Lexicus at the door to go into the Inn to watch the drinking contest. Rolling up as Hugo with spice:

“What seems to be the problem?”

“They won’t let me in!”

* takes out spice flack and look at Z and Marr *

“You know what happens next, right?” * bless grapple 15 tiers, bless grapple 15 tiers, bless grapple 15 tiers, bless grapple 15 tiers

They backed down after that

- Back to the drinking contest: The drink-and-tell game is getting out all of the deep pasts and secrets. Lady Val gets to ask Hugo one question: “What did you learn from your tip to Nullasia?” “I’m sorry bro I didn’t learn shit I just fuckin died.” Could've asked that any time, but if that's what you wanna know then you'll get to know.

All in all I can say I had fun at this game. There were a couple ups and downs, but all in it's one of the best games I've had in a long time.
Thank you Sharon, Rob, Helen, Brian, my comrades in temp/season cast, and to my fellow players. May thine loins be spared from cold calimacil swords forevermore
Vadim Ironstones
Vadim Ironstones

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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

Post by Timmean Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:03 pm

Friday Night:
-A woman I’m not familiar with (Velvet, I think was the name?) posts a message on the notice board signed with a “G”. She seems a little unsure of things, so I ask about the sender; he’s described as wearing a lot of black, talking a lot, self-describing as one of Annwm’s greatest medics, and thinking the town doesn’t like him. In the back of my head, the Timmean alarm bells start going off.
-From the porch, a few of us see a tiny light that seems to be… dancing across the field? That’s weird, but no one wants to go investigate.
-There’s also a new notice that hellions have been spotted near Applevale, and that they now hunt in packs of 8 and only stay in a given area for a short time. So, hellions have a time limit now! Oh joy, oh bliss.
-I hear the sounds of conflict from the woods, so I call out to ask if there are any wounded. There are, so I make my way up to the battle area, only to find that everyone is being tended to. So I… retrieved a lantern. Glad I could help? Neutral
-Discovered that the strange tiny light from earlier was on the staff of some kind of ghost priest guy (Father Jeremy?), who could teach you some new skills in exchange for forgetting others. This seemed way too sketch for Kallith.
-Washing dishes in the inn later in the evening when Val came in and read Timmean’s letter to those present. It was nice, and I really hope those scrolls get used properly.
-Questioning people about the resurrection scroll, which for a while was sitting on the table sort of unattended.

Saturday Morning:
-I get up and start preparing for breakfast; a few others are up as well, getting ready to go searching for giant bees. Suddenly we notice a pig-faced grassy creature walking quickly towards the inn. I rush inside and try to gesture for people to follow, but they run around the building instead. Someone notices it has a piece of Niko’s armour, and decides it might be friendly, stopping to accept the armour from the creature… which promptly explodes. Once again, Timmean is in my head screaming.
-A bunch of kids show up trying to be pirates. They don’t seem too good at it; I get held up at “sword point” and ordered to cook breakfast. I do so, and then try to project emotions to make one of the kids happier. It works, but doesn’t make their behavior much better.
-A short while later, the pirate kids barge in demanding ale, and things get dark quick.
-Spider bear, spider bear, does whatever a spider bear does. In seriousness, those things were a little dangerous, but the dissection I witnessed was… disturbing. A bear should not have rivets.
-We get news that the earth circle is starting to weaken as well, and people have been told to pray for harmony. So we… do that. There’s also a lot of theorizing going on. Kallith offered a psychic state to each circle in the form of a Project Emotion: Tranquility, but I doubt that it did much.
-The crew returns from the bee expedition, covered in sting wounds but generally doing okay. That is, until Dimitri collapses in the field and is presumed dead. I didn’t stay around for the ensuing medical treatment/experimentation, but I understand a lot went on. There was hellion blood involved.
-Also, Lexicus has successfully become psychic, but is having some… side effects. Sorry, man. You’ll get it under control sooner or later!
-There’s some talking on the porch about the new construct monsters and where they came from. By now, people are fairly sure the note in the inn is from Gore. There’s also a discussion on names, and while the old “Baconator” is mentioned for the exploding pig monsters, they get a few other suggestions as well. I know “Ham-splosion” was one that got some traction.
-Speaking of, a bunch more of the Baconators showed up in the afternoon. I was close enough to one to get caught in the blast, so I spent most of the rest of the event medic’d up to 1 HP.
-While people are getting healed up, I witness the most painful healing spell I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if I should call Keket’s aim amazing or atrocious.
-Theo and Sylive: “Sylvie, I have some very good news: I destroyed the exploding pig monsters that were near your tent and no one was injured!” “Okay,  that’s great!” “Sylive, I also have some very bad news for you.” “…Okay…”
-A lot of shouting when another explosion took out Val’s caravan, and I understand Malva’s alchemy kit suffered a similar fate. Not a good time.
-There’s a strange new person in town, offering a similar deal as last night; forget some skills to learn new ones. Kallith is still creeped out, but the idea of learning some new psychic skills (and potentially erasing his meditation problem) is intriguing.
-Val, Lexicus, and Sebastian are planning to search the woods to help gather some new supplies for Malva, and Kallith decides to help out. After finding the first gather egg (and ignoring it completely because Kallith doesn’t have any gathering skills), I OOG realized I probably wasn’t going to be all that helpful.
-I did find one unmarked egg, which had three toughness-boosting carrots! After some encouragement, I ate one to test them out, then had Sebastian punch me. Didn’t feel a thing! Then, to continue the test, Val punched me – for 2 damage – and I was suddenly unconscious.
-On our way back down, we spotted a spider-bear, and split up to escape. It ended up coming after me, and with some of the webbing around the forest, I had to change course several times and came out behind the outhouses. Rushing into the field, relieved to have escaped, I started calling to the others… just as Krond was training a falcon, and telling everyone to move slowly and not make too much noise. You can guess what happened to me.

Saturday Evening:
-With the evening (and potential danger) getting closer, I was a little nervous to be down to just two psychic states. Jaya made a suggestion that proved very useful.
-Halfway through Kallith’s meditation, Val and Krond walk in. Reactions were interesting.
-I had been wanting to hear the poem about the ascended for a while, so I paid a visit to the Hanged Man to talk to Sylvie. The poem was certainly a worthwhile and interesting listen. “And red, if it is only red, will be undone by a single thread.”
-In what was probably the worst timing I have ever had, I left the Hanged man at exactly the right moment to be grappled and drained by Marwel, who was just arriving in town. Callback to 2015 when Timmean first met Marwel and was also downed immediately.
-Marwel magically healed us up to 1 HP (Sylvie had been drained just after me), I kept to the tree line to warn people at the inn while Sylvie headed to inform everyone at the citadel. It was certainly a different experience, trying to warn everyone that Marwel was coming, when Kallith had never encountered her before. I think I described the situation as “a group of people with one who drinks blood and has a grip like a demon.”
-Once I got back out into the field, there was a weird cross between active combat and willingly letting Marwel drink. There was quite a moment of fear when I accidentally found myself in a brief conversation with Reginald. Pierre filled me in on how Marwel was helping keep the army at bay, and how letting her feed was necessary but dangerous.
-I spent a while circling the field, looking for injured and getting them to a medic. The most striking one was Jaya, who had a broken spine and most of her guts torn out. Initially not realizing how bad the damage was, I brought her back to consciousness and got an immediate “Oh god, please don’t!”
-I was checking on the injured in the inn when the pet hellion stalked in through the door. Realizing everyone else in the room was either wounded or a medic, I tried to get the creature to chase me outside. I was NOT happy with this course of action. A moment later the hellion had me pinned against the railing next to the bunkhouse door, and I had that little mental moment of thinking “This is how I die.” Then out of nowhere I hear Hugo shouting “Grapple 30! Run Kallith!” I don’t know where he came from, or exactly what mix of skills he used to get to that grapple, but that was awesome and easily took my fighting spirit award.
-Eventually Marwel leaves with Sylvie for some kind of conversation and makes the demand that no one follows. I’m concerned, but know better than to anger the monster boss. I tell a few people not to follow but no one seems to listen.
-Cerdwyn comes storming across the field, spear in hand; I ask what she’s doing, and she declares she’s off to “kill that bitch.” In a panic I try to make her stop, and when my pleas don’t work I resort to a Project Emotion: Terror to chase her back towards the inn. We were in a momentary standoff when Marwel appears behind me throwing kill spells. I ran.
-Frantically running around and telling people that Marwel and crew are back and actively attacking people. Someone asks “What were they doing before???” I respond with something like “They called it ‘playing,’ I think? I don’t know, I just saw two kill spells!” Then from just behind me I hear a very angry “Would you like to see a third?” Cue more running.
-I go back to hovering around the field and trying to pull out the injured. Thankfully it doesn’t take too long before Auron volunteers to go with Marwel, claiming to be one of the people who followed in the first place. There’s a small bit of back-and-forth but people soon let them go.
-Most people congregate in the field, not wanting to move out the trail and risk angering Marwel again. Eventually, Auron re-appeared on the porch in rather poor condition, but somehow not getting any worse. Hugo carried him to Keket’s tent, while I rushed ahead to tell them Auron was coming in, missing both feet and with his back torn open.
-After suggesting no one head down the trail until Auron wakes up, I headed to bed a little early. I did have some other plans for the night, but stuff changed because reasons.

Sunday Morning:
-While breakfast was happening, Hillary came in OOG to get some food. That’s fine enough normally, but after the previous night, “Hang on, are you really going to deny Kallith that awkward interaction?” “NO! Hang on, I’ll be right back.” Hillary heads off to come back as Val.
-A while later, I notice Auron outside the back door. “Auron! It’s good to see you back on your feet! Also, good to see you with feet.” I go on to have a very helpful conversation with Auron and Lexicus about the ascended and the stuff Marwel told him the night before.
-Yet another individual shows up offering deals to teach us new skills in exchange for forgetting old stuff. Except this one is heavily wounded and seems in bad shape. I offer to give her food, but as we walk across the field towards the inn, she gets more and more creepy. Meanwhile, the little voice in my head points out that I'm walking away from literally everyone else.
-Godo’s messenger shows up, calls a town meeting, and reads off a list of demands and ritual details: Godo is coming back in two months, he wants all of the mana point un-tethering done by then, all four champions are supposed to help with the ritual, AND we also need 16 humans to help out (one for each tether point). Oh, and if we don’t cooperate, he’ll kill everyone we know.
-When he’s done reading, the barbarian just kind of looks around as if he’s expecting something. When people start asking if he’s okay, he just asks “You’re not going to kill me?” No dude, we’re not. We offer him food but he just kinda leaves instead.
-Immediate mass discussion on Godo’s ritual, how we haven’t done the demanded prep work, and what to do about all of it. There’s plenty of talk of trying to trick Godo or sabotage the ritual, and some suggestions we bring Faerie and Za (Sa?) into the plan.
-I follow Pierre when he leaves the group because I’ve got things I want to talk about and the group planning seems to be going in the wrong direction for me. Remember that whole thing the Primus did last year? That seems important and related.
-The real-life mana squirrel, hoarder of lost magic.
-After talking to Pierre, I also track down Lexicus and Zero for some more Godo planning talk. The recurring line from the poem is sticking out to me; “And red, if it is only red, will be undone by a single thread.” We had a great talk and generated some good ideas. One of the big concerns about the idea of “unraveling” an ascended is that people think it would require something genuine, not done simply to save ourselves. I agree with that completely, but while we can’t fabricate a genuine act, there are still things we can do to encourage one.
-Finally, I talk to Val, Jaya, and Sebastian at the Faerie ring about similar topics. Near the end of the conversation, Krond approaches, and we talk a little about his history with Godo. Val jumps into the chat as well.
-One of my favourite moments of the game: “I’m asking to spend time together as friends.” The visible surprise from Krond when Val said those words was priceless.
-Drinking game! Normally Kallith isn’t a big fan of over-indulgence, but this one was an exception. Val and Krond competing and talking about their history was a very unique, special, and… messy bonding moment. My thanks to Mitchell for helping clean up the water after game ended.

I think that’s everything! Overall, game was a blast. It’s sooo much fun to be back playing a character recognized as part of the town. Brainstorming with people how to get through the town’s problems is great – it also means I’ve heard about enough stuff IG to have some idea of what’s going on. Fun!

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends" Empty Re: October 2020: "We get by with a little help from our friends"

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