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The Oddball Air Mage

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The Oddball Air Mage Empty The Oddball Air Mage

Post by OceanaTheWaterMage on Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:44 pm

Oceana followed the beaten path into the town, and took a quick glance around. "Can't be too careful...don't know what sicknesses exist here" she thought to herself. Being an island, she was fairly confident that few if any of the sicknesses from the mainland had made it to this place, and that was just the way Oceana wanted it. The air smelled...clean here. And tasty. Very tasty. A soft rumble came from her stomach. "Well, about time that thing woke up..." she said to no one in particular. She looked around again at the buildings visible from where the trail emptied out into a small meadow and spotted a column of smoke rising from a chimney. Looking closer at the building, she read the sign posted. "The Watering Hole" she read out loud. "Well, I guess that's where I'm heading...I'm hungry". She let her nose lead her to the door, and taking a deep breath, she entered, unsure of how to handle other human like creatures after being almost completely alone for such a long time.


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