Results of the Second General Election of Holdfast

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Results of the Second General Election of Holdfast

Post by Lady Val on Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:04 am

[The following message is written in Common, Goblin, Kernic, Arluru, and Confederate French]

Citizens of Holdfast,

The results of the anonymous ballots are in. As such the new council of Holdfast is as follows:

Lady Valeriya n'ah Cullasseth
Professor Prometheus Pendergast
Sylvie the Fortune Teller

And to follow this, the first ever elected Sheriff of Holdfast, by a single vote, is Niko.

As always a general election can be called at any time should the majority of the people of Holdfast wish it, otherwise the next council election will occur in one year's time.


Marquess Valeriya n'ah Cullasseth e'Varinia
Lady Val
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