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A Hunt For A Handle

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A Hunt For A Handle Empty A Hunt For A Handle

Post by Borin Ironhammer on Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:24 pm

After hiking for about ten minutes Borin comes to a small clearing with a strong oak in the centre. He pulls on a few branches to see which one might make the sturdiest handle. when he finds the right one he pulls out his cutting axe and starts hacking. When the branch was off the tree Borin decided that the need for making as little further mess as possible back at the forge outweighed the risk of leaving Torvallis! alone. So he started carving. He was carving with his axe for about half an hour until the handle was complete. It had a mild curve, a nice grip and a small indent where the axe head would fit on. he put a small split in the middle of the indented area to wedge the handle onto the head. He then headed back to the forge.

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