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Weapon Safety

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Weapon Safety Empty Weapon Safety

Post by AD on Wed May 11, 2016 8:07 pm

Morning all!

So this post may not be as happy as people want. Due to recent revelations, the cast has been made aware that we haven't been advocating for the safety of players like we should.

So to get ourselves into a better, safer, mind set we shall be starting by safety-ing everybody's weapons. Everybody. Every weapon. Including our own. How this will work is before event, a player with a new weapon will find our safety officer, Brian, and myself to have their weapon safetied. Assuming it is, I will give the player a tag for their weapon. Which they will affix to their weapon with clear tape. So if cast sees a player without a tag on their weapon, said player will be told to get that weapon safetied and tagged. Failure to do so will result in the weapon being confiscated for the event. Should that happen, said weapon will be returned at the end of the weekend. Should a weapon not meet our safety standards, unfortunately it does mean that you cannot use it In Game until it does.

This is for all weapons. Home made and store bought. Old and new. No weapon is exempt. What this means is that every player, old and new, will need to get all of their weapons looked over. There is also no guarantee that what was okay in the past will be okay this year. This means that I'm expecting to safety a lot of weapons in May.

These tags will also represent more than being safe to use. They will have on them any potential bonuses given by the AD and these will be given when the tag is. It also means that a weapon with a tag is active In Game and can be stolen by another character. If a weapon doesn't have a tag then it is inactive and cannot be stolen. Should Bob decide to steal Joe's sword, Bob would take the phys. rep and do what they would with it. Bury it, smelt it, sell it, put it down their pants, etc. Bob would then come to cast with the weapon and we will put a piece of yellow tape on it and take off the tag, giving it to Bob. When Joe gets his phys rep back, there will be no tag so it is inactive In Game but there will be yellow tape to keep us aware that it has already been safetied. Should the yellow tape fall off, the weapon will need to be re-safetied as now we would have no way of knowing if it is safe or not.

I will not start game until all weapons have been looked over, so I recommend all players coming to the May event to bring all of their weapons then. As we will be starting game late anyways, this is the weekend I'd rather start late than starting late on a full story weekend.

Any comments, questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thank you for your time!


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