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Order of Merchants?

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Order of Merchants? Empty Order of Merchants?

Post by ValerieTheHuntress on Sat May 28, 2016 5:46 pm

It just occurred to me that there are quite a few merchants in the town, and looking to avoid disputes between merchants meddling in each other's lines of business, it might be advantageous that we have a Order of Merchants with a "Merchant's Code of Honour", so that fellow Merchants know what we can expect from each other, and our customers know what to expect from us.

Especially with Bandits roaming about and all. Anyone not following the Merchant Honour Code would be much easier to distinguish as either a Rogue, a Bandit or a non merchant, or as a merchant.

Thoughts? A Merchant's guild with a trade outpost on the edge of camp could also be logical.

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