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The Voracity of Haven

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The Voracity of Haven Empty The Voracity of Haven

Post by Datura Shinso on Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:29 am

After the incident involving the bandit, and my colleagues with the blue armor and giant shield, I can understand why they call me The Voracity of Haven. I should have killed that bandit on the spot. I don't know why I didn't. I settled for a small payment instead of his life. Am I going soft? Is it this place? No. It's me. I'm losing focus on what I am, truly; a mercenary.

Staring at the bounty board of a semi-neighboring town, I see my alias written a few times. "Wanted alive or dead, preferably dead." Well, if they want me dead, they're going to have to try a lot harder. The next time I return to my colleagues, they wont even recognize me. If word gets out about how I really am, I'm going to have problems. Time for a new suit of armor. Maybe even a couple new swords. And I need money... Lots of money. Maybe someone can revert my old armor to the metal that was used to forge it in the first place. Make no mistake, that will be the last time I'll ever be told what not to do.
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