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Characters! Who they are and who you want them to be.

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Characters! Who they are and who you want them to be. Empty Characters! Who they are and who you want them to be.

Post by Hugo on Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:09 am

While sitting around in what I'd like to call a 'post game hangover' I got thinking: How do the characters we play in-game differ from the characters we want/wanted them to be?

I'm unsure if that makes much sense, so let me unpack that.

When you fist made your character, you probably had some sort of concept or idea for said character such as "A heroic Human fighter" or "Matriarch of a harem of Cat-people", etc. Then, upon attending an event or two, your character changed in one way or another. Perhaps you picked up some earth magic or abandoned your Cat-people harem for an Orc harem; perhaps your character's attitudes changed to make your character more comfortable to role-play as/with. So through the process of gameplay your character altered from the character you started with.

Presumably, you also have future plans for your character, both mechanically (Leveling up skills, dabbling in psychic, what have you) and... there's no adverb for 'advancing a character's personal plot' is there? Still, you have plans to develop such a thing, or at least a direction you want to take your character in.

So, my question to you lot is: What was your original intention with your character? How do you think they've changed? How does your perception of your present character differ from that of others? Where do you think you're going with them?

Should this tread become popular, I'll go ahead and post my thoughts on Hugo.

P.S: You're under no obligation to share things if you feel something might be spoiler-y.

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Characters! Who they are and who you want them to be. Empty Re: Characters! Who they are and who you want them to be.

Post by Zar/Herr on Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:01 pm

Colour Key
Do want
Don't want
Don't care

Original (before and after my 1st game):
Herr will be quiet and shy at first, afraid of other species but curious as well.
He'll want to learn all of the things and write down all of the things.
He'll be a shield and sword fighter who's capable of using other weapons
He will not CAST spells because magic is frowned upon (FOIG)
He will try to spread his religion of worshiping the dark but won't hold masses, etc.
He will be fast and nimble, not tank-y
He will NOT befriend everyone in town.
He will choose one and only one female character to hit on.
He will act in the best interest of those he cares about.
May or may not join any kind of guild.
Will not be affected IRL by IG relationships.

What he is now:
Still quiet but not shy
Does learn most of the things and writes down most of the things.
Considered racist for being afraid and not used to other species.
Executed for getting impatient in trying to get our stolen things back/stopping thieves.
Mistrusted by about half the town.
Is a shield and sword fighter capable of using other weapons.
Knows magic but still won't cast spells because it's frowned upon (FOIG)
Barely spreads his religion but does so by suggesting the benefits and beauty of darkness in one-on-one situations during the night.
Thoroughly enjoys talking about the moon and darkness
Relatively fast and quite nimble

Seems to be considered a bad fighter
Has made enemies and allies in almost equal amounts
Had interest in two females but now hates one.
Trying to get on Lady Val's radar to get in a position where people have to listen
Hates half the town for not listening and being "generally dumb"
Is in two pretty cool guilds
Am very affected IRL by IG relationships

What i want him to be in the future:
Has books with lots of knowledge.
In a position of power with, not against, Lady Val.
Eventual revenge.
Destruction of those vermin Hellions or at least the more aggressive mobs.
Making Holdfast self sufficient and a place worthy to call a Village or Town.
To get people to appreciate the night, the dark and the beauty of the moon.
To marry

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