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Exotic Weapons

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Exotic Weapons Empty Exotic Weapons

Post by Phineas J. Pennefeather on Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:06 pm

(I respond here as the other thread requires "administrative" credentials to reply or post.)

Everything is up to AD or safety approval.

That being said, many things can be made that fits into one of the categories (Easy, Average etc.)

1) For example Metal Knuckles would likely be an Easy Weapon, unless they were huge, and could possibly call for Metal or Mauling damage depending upon approval.

2) The Flail is not usually approvable on safety grounds as the swing of a flail is more than the allowed 90 degrees and automatically strikes as "baseball batting".

3) The double edged sword would likely be considered a "Great Sword" with the hilt in the middle instead of near or at one end. Alternatively, it could be considered a conjoined pair of short swords and required "two-handed" fighting plus "Average weapon: short-sword" (depending upon approval).

Of course, this is what a great back story, a "hand full of crps" and an imaginative phys rep is all about.

Phineas J. Pennefeather
Phineas J. Pennefeather

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Exotic Weapons Empty Re: Exotic Weapons

Post by ThraenOfHeart on Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:00 pm

This is all good to know


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