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Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017)

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Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017) Empty Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017)

Post by Timmean on Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:02 am

Ah, the wonderful absurdity that is Potato Day!

-Coming into the inn as Morovitch, and gleefully taking whatever food I could. I realised a little later just what it means to play a character on Potato Day, when that character eats every chance he gets. Sorry if my manners were a little poor while eating Razz That was semi-intentional.
-My edible mana! Going around and sucking on that thing all game was kind of funny. See the above item about eating everything.
-Eggplants? scratch
-A jam session on the edge of the balcony (which I'll assume was the porch, since we could watch everything in the field)

More to come!

*Brooding* *Brooding* *Brooding* *Farming* "The Earth will heal you!" *Brooding*

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Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017) Empty Re: Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017)

Post by Lady Val on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:58 pm

As Val:

Starting off Potato day by speaking to Gurok (we actually don't get to talk much so its nice)
Everyone casually accepting Marcus was there. Seriously the guy goes missing for months and the town just doesn't care.
Yawgo's vision -- nice one Matt
Potato Racing! And surprisingly beating Bikbun.
Potato Dodge Ball with Keket and getting to watch Darcy hit all the men in the butt
Floating Potato Baminton -- playing with Keket and Quinn was great
The Eggplant wizard, so stuck up, so eggplant -- I loved it when Bikbun got turned into an eggplant twice and then remembered everything (which he didn't tell Val). Val was carrying the eggplant in the crook of her arm near her boobs. Razz
I learned raw eggplant is not unpleasant
Bikbun getting turned into a human and losing his Scottish accent
Gerald's Dwarf with the giant shield sparring with Asher and the Knights, that thing is huge! Also nice job hitting the Eggplant wizard with the potatoes.
Smile the goblin and his Deathpunch. Especially Malva's: "What's a deathpunch?"
Val: *pins chicken to tree with magic* Christian: "You know this is technically animal cruelty" Val: *shrugs* then proceeds to get Gurok to try and behead the chicken
Yawgo eating the chicken
Getting my fortune told with Keket and Jaya then getting to watch Bikbun squirm while getting his told.
Watching Keket *mash* people
Planning some political changes with Degrin and Asher
Watching people fight the mash potato Golem and knowing how to defeat it as Ira but not being able to tell anyone because I was Val. You don't eat it you silly knights!

As Flora:

Flirting with Jaya
Flirting with Darcy and then realizing how gullible she is
Volk proving me with a medical specimen by karate chopping Marcus multiple times and punching him in the nuts
Flora: *notices Marcus is from the Imperial Army and is unconscious yet stable* "Oh these guys are really easy to get up -- You, soldier, what are you doing lying around, get up for THE EMPIRE!" *Marcus sits up immediately*
Performing a genital examination and radical spinal repair on Marcus
Flirting with cute goblin (Flora totally met up with her later)
Planing to go to a village with big boobed women with Quinn and Darcy. Oh Flora would have so much fun. <3


Kind of sad I didn't get to come in as Ira with her armour but probably for the best. She really needs a new costume (her cloak is ripped and her top is fraying at the seams).
Lady Val
Lady Val

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Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017) Empty Re: Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017)

Post by Malva on Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:57 pm

-Trying to get candy, but just getting deathpunched
-Throwing potatoes at everyone
-Being really creeped out by Avlam, because why is his name just mine backwards?
-Talking rat trying to challenge everybody to an honorable duel:
Me: "What if that's just what every rat wants to say, but can't?"
Amalfia: "I don't know. That's too deep."
-Me and Volk acting all snide because hahaha we know how to deal with a potato golem, but then it ended up that we were just totally wrong.
-The most awkward arcane dissection ever
-Learning that there is "assassination gold" in my future

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Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017) Empty Re: Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017)

Post by Keket on Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:40 pm

love everything about potatoes and potatoes day and just going nuts with it!

the food was great who knew!
getting to trow many many potatoes at everyone and mashing everyone!
playing with val with the potatoes games and one getting dizzy and ketp rolling in to amalifia?(i think i spelled her name right!)
volk keep using the eggplant on me
having a bad future Surprised
genital examination and radical spinal repair on Marcus learning about it(the amount of laughing thanks volk!)
more and more potatoes!

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Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017) Empty Re: Potato Day, Season 3! (Feb 2017)

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