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Jaya at the fire circle.

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Jaya at the fire circle.  Empty Jaya at the fire circle.

Post by Jaya on Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:53 am

Jaya approaches the fire circle, clutching the Fire Champion’s Pendant in her hand. She is pretty new to Holdfast but even she can tell everything is changing. With the whole elf fiasco over and the ones who went into the Mists home safe the town is left to deal with the aftermath. Tensions from the whole event, changes in power, for some changes in who they are and, now champions leaving their positions for various reasons it’s all going to take its toll and test the town wither it be for better or for worse. It’s all a little much for her so she is trying to stay out of it as much as she can. She is the outsider in all this, the new fae in town even though she’s been welcomed with open arms it’s hard for her to feel like she has a voice in all this because she hardly knows anyone therefor they hardly know her and who would care what she had to say?

As fire apprentice Torvallis trusted her with the Fire Champion’s Pendant for safe keeping and she agreed to protect and give it back to Lord Fire till the new champion is selected, that is her current objective. Forget the drama of recent events, try not to think about it just take care of the pendant and make sure it gets back safely to Lord Fire. Jaya understands why Torvallis is leaving but at the same time is saddened since a is not only her mentor in fire magic but also one of her only friends here in Holdfast. While a is gone Jaya will do her best to take care of the fire circle, pray to Lord Fire for guidance and teach what Torvallis taught her, all while learning more about fire magic herself. Uncertain of what the future holds Jaya is prepared to step up if needed to become Fire Champion since she is Torvallis’s apprentice that might be an option but she is not sure if it’s a guarantee nor does she expect it to be. If she isn’t chosen she will aid the new champion if they are willing to accept her and become their apprentice and help however she can.

After a few moments of reflection Jaya kneels and begins to pray to Lord Fire

“Lord Fire as you probably already know I have something important to you, I vow to keep it safe till you come to claim it. I thank you for everything you’ve done for this town and myself. I ask for your guidance with what I should do now that Torvallis gone? How can I help while we’re without a champion? What can I do to be of service to you?”

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