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Player/Cast/Fighting Spirit Award

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Player/Cast/Fighting Spirit Award Empty Player/Cast/Fighting Spirit Award

Post by AD on Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:47 am

Morning all! The time has come!

Player award! Goes to the emotion filled MEL! For her drunken antics as Darcy and her heart tugging moments as Ravira
Cast award! Goes to the Brillant Hilary! For her intense rp with Krond and his gut.
Fighting Spirit Award! Goes to one of our Newbies! Hope! for her amazing use of a bow and her determination to fight in her bathing suit!

Special mentions! These people won't get CRP's but they do get mild bragging rights?
Player! Tony for HIS intense RP surrounding his surgery. Well Done!
Cast! Rob for his Turtle! Helene for her Goblin!
Fighting Spirit Award - Jake for his sacrifice by jumping on the turtle!

Something that I am introducing now and will go over in detail at game. The AD Award! Come to game to find out more!


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