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Taka looking for a teacher

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Taka looking for a teacher Empty Taka looking for a teacher

Post by Hugo on Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:13 pm

A notice, written in the half-assed handwriting of Hugo, is posted on the notice board, it reads:


The Citizen of Holdfast known as Taka is interested in education concerning the psionic ability known as 'sanctum' (but presumably not literacy)

If you are willing and able to teach this skill to Taka, please consult her about scheduling a training session

If you are not a regular visitor of Holdfast, or are otherwise unfamiliar with Taka's appearance or usual whereabouts, and wish to speak with her, feel free to inquire with myself or any other citezen of Holdfast who doesn't seem busy with something else.

- Hugo Gavius Albinius

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