Epoch on the Rock
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Micheal returns.

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Micheal returns. Empty Micheal returns.

Post by Micheal Grayflow on Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:15 am

(Mostly RP, but feel free to join in.)

Michael walks through the woods not far from the Fire circle, back into town. He looks onward at Holdfast and begins to feel calm again.
Even though it seems to try and kill him on the daily with monster attacks and with untrustworthy strangers. After many months wandering around the island and meeting few people, Michael decided it was time to return to Holdfast. To Home.

He walks across the field to the bunkhouse and up the deck. Slowly opening the door as not to disturb anyone that may be resting and finds the bunk he left bare when he left and sets his rucksack down and sits, breathing a sigh of relief that he made it back in one piece.

He begins to unpack the rucksack and sets the sleeping bag out with the small pillow he had with him when he first arrived many months ago. Once settled down again, Michael stands up and heads out of the bunkhouse and enters the watering hole to get a drink before retiring for the night.
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