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The sound of damage?

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The sound of damage? Empty The sound of damage?

Post by Zar/Herr on Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:53 pm

Weird title, i know. I was thinking about how stealth works in this game and i was wondering what people’s opinions are on something:

1) If you hear an archer call damage despite being silent otherwise, is it “fair” for your character to know where they are?

2) if someone or something hits you from behind and puts you into your bleed, they call the damage but you were facing the other way, does your character know who did it?

3) In general, is it “fair” to use OOG calls to determine the location of a character?

Perosnally, i try not to do that but i’m curious about who else has considered this. The ones about receiving damage assume you don’t scream when you go down (because you were caught off guard)!

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The sound of damage? Empty Re: The sound of damage?

Post by Kuromori, Taka on Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:20 pm

1) Realistically no, but mechanically it's hard to get around hearing it. Not only is pretending not to know where something is one of the hardest things not to meta (imo) but if you can't see that they're using a bow, you can't necessarily tell it is one. Obviously if we heard Thomas' voice yelling "9 metal bypass!" we'd assume it's a bow, but if you heard cast yell "15 metal bypass!" would you know what they did it with? It's logistically tricky, but my call as not-even-slightly-cast would be rp what makes sense.

2) I would assume no. I usually assume combat sounds are the sounds of weapons and not necessarily voices, so I wouldn't know just from being stabbed. 

3) I generally treat damage calls as IG sounds and I try not to assume who it is from the voice of the call, but I can't say I don't do it by accident. As far as any other OOG calls, I can't think of any at the moment that I would consider fair.

>The ones about receiving damage assume you don’t scream when you go down 
If you scream when you go down, you need to literally scream when you go down
Kuromori, Taka
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The sound of damage? Empty Re: The sound of damage?

Post by Vadim Ironstones on Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:25 pm

Based on my understanding, damage calls are interpreted as 'the sound of battle', so you can IG hear them and ascertain their origin based on where you heard someone scream "77 Magic Bypass Assassinate Contact Gel Gas Cloud Instant Poison BOOM 50 mauling 10 Foot Radius" at the top of their lungs, so you can hear any IG fighting calls as far away as you can hear them OOG. I think that addresses point 3

For 1, I don't think any situation has come up in game where this has been an issue, even while playing Green Arrow. Either there's no one around to hear you pick off that one thing in the woods, or you're on the periphery of a fight and no one is paying much attention to you anyways. I know that isn't a definitive answer, but its the best I can give. My reccomendation would be to fire through thick concealment such as foliage, so the target can't OOG see you (or reach your location before you've moved)

Point 2: I would consider it bad sportsmanship on behalf of the recipient of the stabbing to 'know' the identity of the stabber, especially if they were OOG unaware of the stabber's presence. It'd be outright cheating for them to know if you actually kill them after downing them, since the character forgets the few minutes leading up to their demise.
Vadim Ironstones
Vadim Ironstones

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The sound of damage? Empty Re: The sound of damage?

Post by Marr on Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:07 pm

1) If you get hit and go down you shouldn't have a clue however if your still up or allies are around you didn't get bit by a nipper instead of a sharp metal arrow they are going to look from the direction it came

3) It's not fair however I have a hard time not noticing OOG calls made between ranged people since it invokes the other argument well now i can't go that way or consider the bush that sounds like it's been hit by a tornado a threat since then it may be consider meta gaming. generally OOG calls should be avoided if possible because generally um... In game things then used as OOG should still be IG unless of course it's Cast calls

2) The person should not know and they shouldn't try to meta game it

As for sound on bleed knock down / death
TLDR: I lose limb I will make sound - Lose head or throat anything used to make sound = No sound

I base the attack and location as to if I scream or not generally, head , upper chest and upper back consider almost instant and no sound can be made
but i been caught off guard by a coffee table and slammed my toe against it I made noise as I fell but then stopped

basically if you can still make a noise if the injuries you were receiving were real you should be able to make them in game as you drop for bleed even if it's brief.


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The sound of damage? Empty Re: The sound of damage?

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