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A Request to My Fellow Herbalists

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A Request to My Fellow Herbalists Empty A Request to My Fellow Herbalists

Post by Lillium on Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:12 am

(a note written in practiced loopy script filled with heart dotted "i"'s is posted on a clear part of the notice board)

Like a Star @ heaven To those interested and skeptical: Like a Star @ heaven

I'm looking to begin a project similar to the beast compendium, involving native and naturalized herbal resources across Anuwm. This book would hopefully include diagrams, locations, preferred growing conditions, as well as common and perhaps theorized alchemical uses. To accomplish such a task I'm reaching out to those in Holdfast with such insights and those who are proficient in the fine arts.

To secret keepers who hold their knowledge close to their chest: I understand your misgivings in divulging these precious things, but I implore you to hear me when I say: divided our understanding of the natural world is guided by derision and ultimately incomplete. With only single perspective insights, the betterment of all who live in our town will be a slow and full of missteps. Only by working together, and having a consensus of what is true can we begin to learn beyond our individual capabilities.

If interested please meet with me at the Inn on the day of July 14th from noon to the thirteenth hour, and June 15th at the same time. As well as write your name on the space provided below if you wish.
Like a Star @ heaven  ~  Like a Star @ heaven

Many thanks,
-Lillium Fareway

(OOG: I want to make a little booklet with what we visualize these plants looking like and all of the other things stated. As far as I'm aware there aren't official designs for any of the herbs so I'd like to get a bunch of peoples input on what they might be like. Even if the character youre playing next game wouldn't be interested please feel free to stop by oog or drop me a mssg on fb Smile )

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