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Donations Required For Northern Defense

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Donations Required For Northern Defense  Empty Donations Required For Northern Defense

Post by Degren Brightforge on Mon May 06, 2019 4:03 pm

Degren walks into the inn, greeting anyone inside, then posts a large piece of yellowed paper on the wall, using an old nail to hold it fast. It reads:

Donations Required for Northern Defense!

With the recent attack of the Axis, we are all still recovering from the losses we all suffered.
Sadly, the containment on the Spider Queen Eleanor failed during the assault, and she has been free to wander for some time.
The people of Resolute Post and the surrounding area are in dire need of the following to help recoup their losses and increase their defenses:  
Healing Potions
Wood/Granite for building walls

As they are our first line of defense, it is important that we supply them as best as we are able. I will be collecting the
materials and bringing them to Applevale for redistribution as soon as possible.

Thank you all,

Degren Brightforge
Degren Brightforge
Degren Brightforge

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