Epoch on the Rock
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Rose, on a quest

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Rose, on a quest Empty Rose, on a quest

Post by Gurok on Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:50 am

July 19th, noon to nightfall- (right before game starts)
Rose can be found slowly and carefully picking her way around the edges of the paths in the woods, along the banks of the creek, and tangling herself up in the bushes between the knights camp and the ocean. With a plate and damp rag from the inn in hand, she is scanning the brush for flowers, berries and leaves of interesting colours. Those versed in herbology would note that she seems to be ignoring plants of the relative use of value, for those with a brighter stain. when she finds one that meets her needs, she sits and smashes it up in her fingertips, and smears it in an unoccupied space on the plate. With a few drops from the damp rag, she had made a clumsy, clumpy sort of paint. After a few hours, she has many varieties of green and pink, a few yellows, a blue, a purple, and a brown collected on the plate. High in the wood, she sits on a rock and pulls out a couple of sheets of paper, and a pen. Using her fingers, and bits of pants around her, as well as her small dissecting knife, she starts painting what seem to be flowers, with messages below each one. She is there as long as the daylight light allows. After they dry, she carefully cuts them into squares, a single flower and message on each one. She pokes a small hole through each one and loops them through a metal ring. Stowing them in her bag carefully, she sings her personal excerpt, and then her astral song, and disappears.

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