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Watering Hole Expectations (I.E. Keeping the Inn Tidy)

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Watering Hole Expectations (I.E. Keeping the Inn Tidy) Empty Watering Hole Expectations (I.E. Keeping the Inn Tidy)

Post by Timmean Tue Oct 15, 2019 5:33 pm

Watering Hole Expectations:

-Take only what you'll eat, and eat what you take! We can get most food locally, but some ingredients are imported and that can get pricey!
(OOG: Food is expensive! Please don’t waste food as it contributes to higher meal plan costs and can thus make game more expensive)

-When finished with your food & drinks, please bring all empty dishes to the cleaning station next to the sink & drying rack.
(OOG: Scrape your dishes and leave them in the dish tray at the edge of the counter. Picking up one or two dishes is not a big task, but constantly doing it becomes a lot of work)

-Should the ale casks on tap run low, there is a supply of standard replacements just behind the counter.
(OOG: If the drink jugs are empty, anyone can refill them. Drink powder is in the small grey bin near the sink. Mix approximately 10%-20% powder with water)

- Please do not leave valuables unattended. The Watering Hole is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
(OOG: No explanation needed. Items can be stolen, especially when left alone. However, please do not disturb a marked character phys-reps)

-Please take a turn to wash some dishes! It can be difficult to get full-time kitchen staff out here, and the Applevale dishwashers guild is wary of sending a representative
(OOG: Please take a turn doing dishes. Dishes accumulate constantly, and if everyone takes a turn, it makes things much easier. We have 30-40 people at each game; it’s not fair to have just one or two people spending three or four hours at the sink when everyone can help out)

-If you do help, ensure someone on the Watering Hole staff knows about it. Some small compensation may be possible
(OOG: If you do dishes or help with the kitchen, make sure meal plan knows so we can give CRP rewards. We want to reward people who help! Though please ensure you do a reasonable amount of work – 30 minutes or so is standard)

-Should the inn be repeatedly left in a mess, management will be forced to increase the cost for standard services to regular customers. Please ensure all patrons keep the inn tidy
(OOG: If the inn is left messy, the CRP cost to double out will increase by 1 for the next event. This increase is cumulative, will affect ALL players, and will continue until the inn is kept tidy – at which point, the cost will reduce by 1 CRP per event, until it reaches the normal level. Please take care of your own mess, and ensure others do as well – we are all adults, we can clean up after ourselves)

-Please stay out of the kitchen if you are not helping with cooking/cleaning. Space is limited and there are things that are hot or can spill
(OOG: There’s not a lot of space in the kitchen. Unless you are washing dishes or cooking, please stay outside the “wall” of bins/coolers, and try not to block the pathway from the main door to the rest of the building)

-For hot meals (pies, eggs & sausage, etc.) try to ensure that all patrons have a chance to enjoy a portion
(OOG: Make sure everyone has a chance to eat before taking extra of high-demand items. We know the pies are usually tastier than some bread or cold eggs, but everyone should have a portion and constantly cooking the best items would be more expensive and difficult to manage with only one stove)

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