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Weeding The Farm

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Weeding The Farm Empty Weeding The Farm

Post by Malva on Thu Jul 02, 2020 7:57 pm

(The following is a summary of RP that took place semi-in-character irl where we just actually weeded a garden)

After dinner, before dark.

Malva is seen weeding her herb garden. Theo and Mo'chi inquire about how to do such. The three head off to the farm and Malva teaches them to pull grasses, saplings, dandelions, and other miscellaneous wildflowers out of the soil. They play it relatively safe, not wanting to pull an unfamiliar vegetable by accident. Malva also taught them about the growing cycle of raspberries and some other helpful tidbits.

(Signing off on the next level of herbalism for Theo and Mo'chi)

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