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Dimitri sneaks off

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Dimitri sneaks off Empty Dimitri sneaks off

Post by Dimitri on Wed Jul 22, 2020 1:58 pm

{Time Stamp night time 22 December 2019}

*Dimitri peeks out of his hut and hour or so before the middle of the night. He looks into the cold sky and judging the time to be right sneaks off dressed for battle and quietly slips into the woods.*

*The trek to Marwel's ruins takes longer then expected, the cold slows him but the waning crescent moon makes travel more difficult. Still far too to quickly Dimitri finds himself at the entrance to Marwel's ruins. The air feels almost oppressive as he walks to the edge of the ruins and pauses uncertainly. As if afraid of where her home begins, he steadies himself, sword sheathed and shield lowered he takes a large breath and loudly states*

"Hello I am Dimitri of Holdfast, I have come to offer blood for Marwel in hope's it will slake her thirst and protect the town from her hunger"

*He waits nervously, not knowing if anyone can hear him from so far away*

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Dimitri sneaks off Empty Re: Dimitri sneaks off

Post by AD on Wed Jul 22, 2020 2:54 pm

Dimitri stands there, in the cold, for a moment before sensing a presence behind him. A quiet "Cute." is whispered in his ear before his world going black.


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