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Post by Lexicus Marinos on Wed Aug 05, 2020 4:10 am

Greetings Holdfast. I have recently decided to begin selling my scrolls to the public. If anyone has any interest in purchasing one, feel free to leave a note here or contact me directly (OOG: Facebook Messenger). I will also accept mana as currency. One prime mana will be valued at one rock and one pure mana will be valued at two rocks. If any geologists are in possession of the ore gnessite I will accept this as well at the value of two rocks. I look forward to your business.

-Lexicus n'ah Marinos e'Syldar of Tor'Quira, Faerie Apprentice of Holdfast

Note: All spells cast at a Tier III level.

Tier I Scrolls - Three Rocks

-The Air Will Disarm Your ~
-The Air Will Spin You
-The Earth Will Heal You
-The Earth Will Mend Your ~
-The Earth Will Throw You
-With Fire I Fuel The Flames
-With Fire I Light Your Way
-With Fire I Strike You
-With Water I Douse This Fire
-With Water I Strike You

Tier II Scrolls - One Rare

-With Water I Repel You

Tier III Scrolls - One Rare, Two Rocks
(while supplies last)

-The Air Will Defend You
-The Earth Will Toughen You
-With Water I Untaint You
Lexicus Marinos
Lexicus Marinos

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