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Post by Pierre Thu Aug 26, 2021 6:20 am

Pierre pins up a post that reads as follows:

We may not have spoken much to each other, or at all for that matter. But I want you to know that I see you. I see each and everyone one of you and I see that you all have what it takes to overcome hardship. Holdfast has brought us all together for various reasons. Finding unexpected friendships along the way.
We have banded together in the time of need, no quarrels, no grudges, no hate. Whatever it is that brought us together, whether it’s love for a friend or just the pure adrenaline of survival, we’ll need to remind ourselves of it again in the time of need. We will overcome this and we will prevail.
Death will always be present in such an occasion. But fear of death has helped pushed me to live for the next day. Should this be the last fight. I want you all to know, that I have never been more proud. Proud to have fought along with the bravest and the toughest. To have been welcomed by complete strangers and have built friendships that could never be forgotten. Friends that can bring laughter after a hard day. I am willing to lay my life on the line to make sure we make it to the next day. To die in battle amongst you, my friends, would be an honour. And do not let any death close to your heart be in vain, for we are all in this together, protecting what we love. Our will, will not be broken so easily. Stay close to your friends and look after one another. You will need them when this is over. When we win.


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