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September Event

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September Event Empty September Event

Post by AD on Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:50 pm

Morning all!

So as people have probably guessed about this post, this is about whether or not the September event will be the full weekend instead of Saturday-Sunday.

After talking with my cast and my players I have come to a decision.

I am very happy, excited, and a little nervous, to announce that the September event will indeed be the full weekend! This means game will be called in on Friday evening and end on Sunday morning.

The attempt is for game to be called in for 9pm on the Friday night, so it is the recommendation is for players to arrive between 7 and 8pm for set up and the like.

Same rules for parking as before. You are welcome to bring your car on site before game is called in. Once the gate is closed, please come quietly into game oog.

In the sense of food, expect a light supper/snack food for Friday night. This is last minute for meal plan, it's not fair to expect a full supper. Also it will be 9, most people have supper by 5 or 6.

Pricing will still be the same, $20 for event. While I want to assume the same for meal plan, I will keep people updated.

Thank you all for wishing to see Epoch expand like this. It is amazing to know that you like larping enough to deal with me an extra day!

Any comments, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to pm me!


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