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A Much Kneeded Diagram (Bunkhouse)

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A Much Kneeded Diagram (Bunkhouse) Empty A Much Kneeded Diagram (Bunkhouse)

Post by Horns on Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:04 pm

[Sunday, August 16th, 6:00pm]
In the bunkhouse, Horns finds a comfortable place to sit and a surface to draw on, stretches, and lays the sketches down. He pushes those papers back, so there is room for more paper directly in front of himself. He lays four more sheets of paper in front of him, leans back, closes his eyes and pictures a knee distinctly in his mind. He imagines it from the front, from the side, and from the back. Keeping the image in his mind, he opens his eyes and leans forward. Using the sketch as a guideline for size, he slowly draws a kneecap from the front, his tongue sticking slightly out. He first sketches the basic shape, with light strokes. When satisfied with the shape, he draws over it in darker ink, so that it clearly shows up. His tongue retreats inside his mouth, and he begins to sing a dirty faun song he's quite fond of. In small letters, he labels all of the areas he marked on his sketch. He moves this drawing to the side, moves another piece of paper to the center, and does the same thing for a sketch of the back of the knee. He makes another drawing of the knee, this time in profile, using the side sketch and the same techinique. As he nears completion, he puts a lot of effort into keeping his hands still, as otherwise they would shake with excitement. Carefully putting the pages in his medkit, he makes sure he has at least one extra sheet of paper and his alchemy book, then runs out from the bunkhouse.


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