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Potato day changed

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Potato day changed Empty Potato day changed

Post by Borin Ironhammer on Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:22 pm

Weary from  long journey from Applevale dragging a sled full of alcohol Borin tries to get  his note up as soon as possible so nobody is left waiting on an update for the big day any longer. He rummages around the kitchen and cannot find a pin anywhere. he eventually gives up and grabs a knife. "Phineas is gonna kill me for this" he mutters under his breath as he stabs it through the paper into the wall.

The note is written in angular letters of particularly dwarven appearance.

"Friends of the Ironhammer,
I, Borin the dwarf, regret to inform you that potato day will not be going ahead as planned. Unfortunately old man Tim has not recovered from his injuries in a timely manner and as he was unable to tend to the so farm the potato crop has failed. There is not enough potatoes in town befitting a potato day feast and as winter approaches on the isle supply is short elsewhere as well. I have procured some from the Spudblood dwarf clan in the Thunder Mountains and they have agreed to send a us ship full of potatoes at my own expense. However this ship will not arrive until half way through the first moon of next year so it will be the sixteenth day of the moon at the earliest. My profound apologies for this momentous disappointment.

Solemnly, dutifully, in the dullest possible dwarven way,
Borin Ironhammer"

There is a seal of an axe with black wax on the lower right hand corner of the letter.

Borin Ironhammer

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