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Epoch TO vs Epoch on the Rock

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Epoch TO vs Epoch on the Rock Empty Epoch TO vs Epoch on the Rock

Post by AD on Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:45 am

Morning All!

Been getting a few questions in regards to, "Toronto is doing it, so we are! Right?"

Quick answer, "Wrong." Long answer, we may but don't quote. Only quote if a member of the cast have sent you there and then only quote the page we sent you to. Example the rules on making weapons. Our safety officer is pretty chill with how TO makes weapons and so we are. New rules on psychic and grappling, I (at the moment), think are stupid and do not want to follow, In regards to that; Epoch on the Rock does not, I repeat DOES NOT, follow the most recent version of Epoch Toronto's Rulebook. Please look to the link in OUR forums for the rulebook. IF said link leads you to the most recent Epoch Toronto rulebook, PLEASE contact me. A good way of knowing is if none of the races cost XP. Should the races cost XP, you are in the RIGHT rulebook and please continue. If all of the races are free then you are in the wrong rulebook and PLEASE contact me!

To sum up! Just because Epoch TO is doing it doesn't mean WE are. Thank you!

Sharon, AD!


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