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Mana Call!

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Mana Call! Empty Mana Call!

Post by AD on Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:52 am

Morning all! I am pleased to announce a DESPERATE need for mana! Of the Earth, Air and Water variety! This is a way to get CRPs.

Remember for the mana that I ask for 100% cotton material, cloth hockey tape and bird seed(Finch seed from Bulk Barn is what I use and is fairly cheap)

In regards to shades of cloth, the thought from anyone should be, "That's Blue." not, "That's Teal" or "Cloud blue". Beyond that I don't care if it's light or dark, so long as players can easily tell the different elements.

6" square cloth with approximately just over a heaping tablespoon of birdseed works just fine. These don't need to be followed exactly, these are just here to help those who may have never made mana before. There is a difference between Good and Poor quality mana. Quick way to tell; does bird seed fall out? If so, you may have done something wrong.

I will turn away mana that does not follow the environmental standards. The material will be harder for me to tell but the adhesion and stuffing are easy for me to tell. Please follow the the cloth hockey tape and bird seed rule.

Thank you!

PS! This is not a first come first serve kind of thing. If everyone makes solid mana then everyone will be awarded CRPs.

Thanks again!!


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