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A Call to Arms

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A Call to Arms Empty A Call to Arms

Post by Degren Brightforge on Thu Jun 02, 2016 12:16 pm

A Call to Arms
The vows:
1. I shall show courage in danger
2. I shall offer mercy and life to my foes who accept them, and death and fury to those who shun them.
3. I shall be virtuous in life, war, and love.
4. I shall shield the defenceless from danger
5. My word, once formally given, is my bond unto death.
I aim to begin a new order of knights in holdfast, known as the Order of Iron. We shall come together to form a brotherhood of warriors and mages with a likeminded goal, one that will return a semblance of civilization to our community.

As Knights, we will act with honour, and valour in times of danger, using our skill at arms to protect those who cannot protect themselves, even at the cost of our own lives. We shall offer these foes mercy, and life. Should they refuse, we will meet them with iron and death.

Our word is our bond, and is not lightly given. We shall strive to fulfill any vow given under oath, even should it lead to our death. It will stand as a bastion of trust, and must never be abused.

As fellow knights, we must create comradeship between us, and will aid one another where we can. Though skilled with blade and magic, we are much more, and each knight offers new skills that will strengthen us as a whole. We shall share our skills, be it smithing or leatherworking, with our brothers and sisters, so that they may better serve the Order and Holdfast.
Should you believe yourself worthy of Knighthood come see me, where we shall speak further on the matter.

Degren Brightforge.

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