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Town Meeting

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Town Meeting Empty Town Meeting

Post by Lady Val on Mon May 22, 2017 3:01 pm

*The following is written in a fine hand and with, as some of you may notice, a slightly less fine pen and ink than they are used to seeing in messages from Lady Val*

Dearest Citizens of Holdfast,

Gurok would like to call a Town Meeting to discuss the re-establishment of a Town Council and the nomination of town Sheriff. Additionally, she would like to discuss the town defences, specifically increasing the responsibility of the Fae members of the town for protecting Holdfast.

Lastly I have have finally managed to acquire the materials to aid in the construction a multi-faith temple. To ensure all major Faiths are equally represented in the town I would like town members to voice their opinion on which deities and shines thereof will be present. The Elemental Lords and the Faerie have their own circles and thus already have well established places of worship.

This meeting will take place next Monday. All minutes will be recorded for those who wish to follow Pierre to combat the werewolves plaguing the Porquois village. If you will be out of town please inform myself or another citizen of your opinions before leaving or post a note below so that we may include them in the discussion.

May we finally bring peace to this town,

Lady Valeriya n’ah Cullasseth e’Varinia of Tor'Jadin

*The entire note is repeated in both Goblin and Confederate French below*
Lady Val
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