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A Meeting of the Town's Mages Has Been Called

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A Meeting of the Town's Mages Has Been Called Empty A Meeting of the Town's Mages Has Been Called

Post by Lady Val on Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:13 am

[The following is written in a fine script and translated underneath the original message into Goblin, Elven, Arluru, and Dwarven]

Dearest Citizens,

At the request of Professor Michael Greyflow a town meeting is being organized to gage interest in the establishment of a College of Mages, an organization dedicated to the teaching and research of magic as well as the organization of mages within the town. The meeting will be held in my caravan on the 13th of the Month of Leaves just before the second new moon of spring.

If you are interested in attending please feel free to come and help design the newest guild of Holdfast. Please note that this event is open to all members of Holdfast, not just mages, and is being held outside the Inn to a) allow those uninterested in the event to stay warm and dry in the Inn, and b) in case something explodes it will not burn down the Inn... again.

Please contact me if you plan on attending, there will be some snacks provided and I need to know how much tea and biscuits to fetch from Applevale.


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